WLS Double Tap 119 – Force Choke Me

WLS Double Tap 119 – Force Choke Me

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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 119, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and Jermey

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Rob R.

He may think about northern Indiana.  There are larger cities across the north (South Bend, Fort Wayne, Merriville), Chicago is not that far away and Indianapolis is centrally located.


The weapon laws are good, no registration or mag limits, lifetime carry permits (open or concealed) that have reciprocity with 32 states, automatic knives allowed,carry in state parks, no weapons signs not enforced, and can carry in liquor establishments.


I’m sure there are some negatives with Indiana but those are the things you discussed.


R. L.R.


Jacob W


Move to Oklahoma!  Lower property taxes and lower cost of living than Texas.  We have constitutional carry, whereas Texas ‘no guns allowed’-signs have force of law.  Plus, you don’t have to listen to the Texans circle jerk about how much better Texas is.




I’ll put this at the beginning as you always read through the letter then go oops. I don’t have a problem with you talking about this on air, just leave out my name as these aren’t only my life events to tell. 


Aaron asked if you giving the number out has helped anyone.  It has been very important to me over these last 7 months. 


1)  As you know my son tried to commit suicide on New Year’s of this year and I will admit I didn’t realize the signs before it happened even though I knew something was off but didn’t connect the dots before it was too late. 


He checked into an inpatient program for a week, is now on antidepressants (for now), and going to therapy once a week.


He still has thoughts about it from time to time so it is constantly in the back of my mind. I don’t let it rule my life and thoughts but it will probably always be there.


2) I had wrote in earlier about my friend getting a divorce and he had mentioned suicide and I asked him if I could hold onto his firearms till things cleared up while we had dinner one night.  He said he was fine and I let it go but the next night I went over to his house and asked him if I could take them and he agreed. About a week later he called to thank me because he had a hard time the following weekend and was glad they were not there. 


3) A few months ago my wife informed me that my best friend of 37+ years hit on her while she was picking up a check for a fundraiser.

I went over there in a few days to talk to him about it. I’m not going into details but basically he has no idea why he did it and understood if I didn’t want to be in his life anymore. I knew there was more to it so kept talking about life,etc with him and what was going on with him. In the beginning of talking he had mention going away and not coming back, after a few hours I left but this time I did not take no for an answer, I left with his firearms.


Each time I made sure that they had the numbers to call and text in case they needed to talk. I have expressed my graditude to you before about talking about suicide and it is a issue that people need to be more open about discussing. Thanks again and keep up the great work. 

Frank R 

Hey guys great podcast. First time long time. Wanted to get your opinions on the Crimson trace cwl 202 and Crimson Trace Universal Rail Master 420 Lumen Tactical Weapon Light. My use will be mostly for hunting but want something that would work for a defensive mounted light if I ever needed it. Thanks and keep up the great show.

Zac C 

Legion of skanks podcast, episode 415, 1 hr and 33 min into it. Grounds for a legal case? #aarondiditfirst

Mark L

Hello…I recently purchased a stripped Double Star A-2 carry handle upper receiver. I’m looking to build a mid-length upper, but looking at possible barrel options, most 16″ barrels have M4 feed ramps. The A-2 upper, on the other hand is a rifle upper with no feed ramps.

My question for the group is has anyone successfully built a firearm with a rifle upper and a barrel with M4 feed ramps?

Zac C 

Could somebody smarter than me please get a bot to listen to all of wls and then get it to write its own wls show? It would have to be hilarious

Lupe F 

Hello guys my question is what is better bullet weight for defensive/duty use of a 9mm Glock 17? I work in an urban area where possible threats can either be inside vehicles, or very close range around bad breath distances. I am currently using 147grn hornady xtp. Thank you guys and the media is the enemy!

Andrew T 

9mm Striker fire vs 9mm Hammer fire Da/Sa vs 9mm revolver. What are each of your preferences and why? To frame the question, apply to full size pistols and 3inch 7 round mid frame revolver all of them as an EDC



Have learned so much listing to all of you and am having fun doing it. Thank you all for a Great show ….except Savage …he is a commie …lol

Alexis Texas  

I realized the other day while loading my M&P 17 round mags that with a standard baseplate my 17 rounder can fit 18 rounds. Do you think this is ok/safe to carry? My gun cycles it without issue and I don’t have any magazine restrictions so it’s legal, but is it smart to do this in a magazine that is not designed for this?


All hail the cult leader and his #SSB

Mike M 

Does anyone have any experience/ opinions on the desert eagle 1911’s? Checked a few out and they seem pretty nicely made. Had a really nice trigger on them.

Jordan F

I’ve got a Marlin 1895SBL in 45-70, would like to put an optic on it. Don’t plan on reaching out much farther than 100 yards, she’s just a range queen that’ll enjoy some time out in the sun now and then. Simple red dot, or ?? Also how would one sight in a lever gun, same principle as a standard semi/bolt gun?

Dalton D

Hey guys! I was curious what your take was on kids having toy guns (such as nerf guns, cap guns, etc.) I grew up playing with them and turned out as a perfectly responsible gun owner, but it’s slightly unnerving seeing kids run around shooting each other with toys that look fairly similar to real guns. I feel this could breed bad habits and cause accidents. I’m torn on the issue and was curious of your thoughts. Thanks and i love the show!

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Aaron has worked in advertising and marketing for more than 15 years for such companies as Ford, The Sports Authority, the NHL and many others. He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. Aaron lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and three children.

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