WLS Double Tap 112 – 45 AARP

WLS Double Tap 112 – 45 AARP

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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 112, Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger and Jermey

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Ian W 

I am a new FFL as of last fall. Thanks to Rocket FFL. I need some advice. What are the top 3 Firearms selling in Jeremy’s store in 2019. And what are the top 3 Firearm accessories selling excluding ammo. Thanks Ian from Mainely Firearms.

Skyler D 

Hey guys, I am a sweater. The yucky kind, not the terrible Christmas gift you get from your grandma. As big guys yourselves, I assume you are also sweaters (as opposed to screamers or moaners #ssb). So my question is, what is the best lube/protection to protect a carry gun from my crying fat cells? (I work outside in the heat and humidity so I am constantly trying to prevent rust)



Johnny Small game 

***** Five Stars***** I would leave you guys a review but I despise social media. However, I want to thank you for recommending a Super Sixty rifle in my last question. I pre-ordered one and received it a few weeks ago. You guys did not do the adjustability of this rifle justice, in your recommendation. I absolutely love it.

This is the most comfortable and most fun rifle I have ever shot. I’m still playing with all the adjustments on it, seeing what works best for me. Once I decide on an optic for it, it will be complete. Right now I’m using the iron sights and the rifle will out shoot my old eyes at 100 yrds all day long. I love that the stock angles down for the perfect sight picture. I put a magpul angled forgrip on it and the rifle is just so firm and comfortable to hold. The other day I did a mag-dump into a woodchuck that was running and obliterated it. With the adjustable post-travel screw, I can’t outshoot the action.

Thanks again for the recommendation, I’ll be coming to you guys whenever I have a question from now on.

Deer Slayer 

Wondering what ammo you would recommend for a 9 MM PCC that is used to shoot Whitetail Deer out to 50 yards? It is the start of the Nuisance season here and my buddy loaned me his Kel Tec sub2000 to try out. Not the rifle I will go with when I purchase my own but it will work for me to test out using a short rifle while I’m in the fields. I’m thinking about getting some Federal SYNTECH PCC. Wondering if it will get the job done.

Aiden S 

Im curious what nick and Jeremy think about this one. Bird shot for self defense? Also why do people suggest high brass for number 8 shot and smaller buck shot loads?

Patterning the gun im getting just above open hand sized groups with the majority in my palm at 7 yards.

Not terribly concerned about over penetration but It is a slight concern but I know the layout of my house and only one other person in here and they are at the back. And the neighbors are about 20 feet away.

Just curious of your thoughts.

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Bowers group

# Not Guns
: Which of your fellow cast members put their Junk on the seat, or under the rim


Sick of the NRA, how about the NAAG?

More NRA News, bad accounting.

SIG SAUER Modular Handgun System Receives Full-Material Release from U.S. Army

Savage Sold, and not our savage, because that would have been great.

Guns.com says these are the best guns for home defense, what do you think?

Just a reminder to join a gun related advocacy group (ask the guest about their state) and we always give out the Suicide prevention line, that number is 1 (800) 273-8255 or text a message to 741741

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About The Author

Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.

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