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In this lively episode of the We Like Shooting Show episode 532, the hosts embark on a spirited discussion with guest Hunter Cayll (@nohandedshooter). The team delves into recent news stories, dissecting the Fifth Circuit Court’s ruling against the ATF’s frame and receiver rule, tax stamp funds, and a federal court decision staying the ATF pistol brace rule. 


Our CAST is The Poz, Nick Lynch, Dr. Aaron Krieger with Savage1R and my name is Shawn Herrin.


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Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against the ATF’s frame and receiver rule


The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously struck down the ATF’s redefined frame and receiver rule in the case of VanDerStok v. Garland. This decision challenges the Biden administration’s attempt to expand the definition of what constitutes a firearm.

Key Points:

  • Legal Overreach: The ruling emphasized that the ATF’s rule exceeded clear statutory limitations and legislative intent, constituting an unlawful agency action and an overreach of executive power.
  • Rule Limitation: The ATF’s rule was criticized for being overly broad, attempting to regulate any machined metal or plastic with the potential to become a firearm component, which was not authorized by the Gun Control Act.
  • Impact on Gun Control Agenda: This decision represents a significant setback for the Biden Administration’s gun control efforts, reinforcing the notion that ATF cannot make laws and that any expansion of firearm regulation must come from Congress​​.

H.R. 6352, the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act


H.R. 6352 proposes to redirect funds from the National Firearms Act (NFA) tax stamps, traditionally deposited into the general treasury, to wildlife conservation and NFA application processing improvements. This bill, introduced by Congressmen Blake Moore and Jared Golden, aims to enhance wildlife conservation efforts and streamline ATF processes.

Key Points:

  • Redistribution of Funds: The bill seeks to reallocate NFA tax stamp revenues, which currently have no specific allocation and are deposited into the U.S. Treasury, to targeted conservation and application processing programs.
  • Allocation Breakdown: Of the total revenue collected from NFA tax stamps, 15% would be directed to the ATF’s NFA division to speed up suppressor application processing. The remaining 85% would be split between wildlife conservation (85%) and the development and maintenance of recreational shooting ranges (15%).
  • Impact on Conservation and Shooting Ranges: A significant portion of the funds would support the Pittman Robertson Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund and other conservation activities, with a dedicated portion for developing and maintaining recreational shooting ranges, promoting safety, and supporting ethical hunting and shooting practices​​.

recent federal court decision staying the ATF pistol brace rule


A Texas-based Federal District Court judge has issued a nationwide stay, halting the ATF’s enforcement of its rule on pistols equipped with stabilizing braces. The rule, which faced challenges in the Britto v. ATF case, has been a point of contention regarding the classification of braced pistols.

Key Points:

  • Background of the Rule: Initiated by an executive order from President Biden, the ATF created the rule to address pistol braces. The proposed rule included a point system to help determine if a firearm would be classified as a braced pistol or a short-barreled rifle (SBR), which was heavily criticized during the public comment period.
  • Contentions with the Rule: The final rule, which removed the point system, led to the classification of all braced pistols as SBRs under the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). This move was challenged on the grounds of violating the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), as it was seen as not being a logical outgrowth of the proposed rule.
  • Implications of the Stay: The stay by Judge Kacsmaryk puts a halt to the rule’s enforcement, extending protection to all gun owners in the nation. The ATF is likely to appeal this decision, but for now, the enforcement of this rule is on hold​​​​​​.

Slow Mo Guys’ “Bullets Vs Steel” video


The Slow Mo Guys have released a new high-speed camera video, showcasing bullets impacting steel at an incredible 800,000 frames per second. This video, inspired by a similar one from 2009, offers a detailed look at the interaction between bullets and steel targets.

Key Points:

  • Initial Test with 9mm: They began their experiment by shooting a 9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullet at an aluminum baking sheet, providing a baseline for their later tests with actual steel targets.
  • Transition to Steel Targets: After the initial test, they moved on to shooting actual steel, using mild steel that surprisingly withstood the 9mm bullets effectively.
  • High-Speed Filming: The team employed a black and white format to increase the sensitivity of their high-speed camera, capturing the bullets’ impact at up to 800,000 frames per second.
  • Stepping Up to .30-06: Dan, a member of the Slow Mo Guys, escalated the test by using a .30-06 bullet, which, as expected, punched right through the steel. This part of the experiment revealed interesting details, such as the bullet separating from a larger piece of metal pushed out by the impact.
  • Detailed Observations: The high frame rate filming provided unique insights, such as the actual bullet spinning separately from the metal slug, offering viewers a detailed understanding of the physics involved in bullet impacts​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


Five Stars from A.I. Reviewer – “The We Like Shooting podcast is like listening to a group of self-proclaimed gun experts try to hit the bullseye but keep missing the mark… by a mile. It’s a wild ride of accidental comedy, where every episode feels like a game of ‘who can say the most absurd thing about firearms.’

The hosts are a motley crew of gun enthusiasts who often seem more interested in making puns and dad jokes than actually providing useful information. It’s as if they took a crash course in firearm safety from a stand-up comedian.

While the show might not be the best source for serious gun knowledge, it’s a goldmine for unintentional humor. If you’re in the mood for a podcast that will leave you scratching your head and laughing out loud at the same time, The We Like Shooting podcast is your ticket to a wild and wacky world of firearm folly.”

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars – “More laughs than lessons, but not for the faint of heart.”

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Five Stars from DaddyDog: 

You guys rock…most of the time. Savage gets so fucking happy about some Soviet cocksucking law going to court so we can pay lawyers millions to get back what was illegal to take away in the first place. The money to defend these laws to fuck away our rights should come come from the fagbastard’s didtrict. Then maybe these dumbass voters would stop voting these pieces of shit in. When they’re driving on dirt roads and city hall is a damn tent. What I wanted to ask is, as a member of SAF and FPC would you go to an indoor range with an AR pistol with an arm brace on it. I spoke to the owner of mine and he doesn’t give a shit and showed me his in his bag. He said as long as you’re safe, I could do whatever I wanted for training. But say the asshole in the next lane was a Nazi ATF agent with a dick in his mouth, after his coworker came, could he do anything. It just pisses me off that we are spending all this money to “hopefully” win rights back when no goddamn laws have been passed. I think that’s the anti gun plan, to just keep going to court until we stop paying. After all they’re using our money so they don’t give a fuck. I guess that’s when the shit will hit the fan for 3% of us. Love you guys, fuck the rest.

Five Stars from Jon G: 

Love the show and have been listening for a while now, haven’t heard anyone do this kind of review yet portraying the cast as characters from family guy.

Jeremy would be quagmire since he’s willing to fuck anything as long as it’s his property or if he’s stronger than whatever it may be.

Aaron is cleavand cause he likes saying NAGR a lot and keeps getting fired

Shawn is Joe just because he sits quietly and listens before he speaks and also gets out of breathe telling long stories

Nick is Peter cause just like Peter sometimes when he farts he shits himself

And lastly savage who is Meg who always gets the face farts


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