WLS 513 – Love you long time

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Join us tonight as we talk about the Supreme Court, Shotguns, patriotic firearms and more on episode 513 of the We Like Shooting Show. 


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 


  1. Aaron – Water pump
  2. Shawn – RAB-AD Stern Defense
  3. Nick – 590 shockwave

Gun Fights!

If you’d like to get in on the gunfight, go over to reddit.com/r/welikeshooting and find the post titled Gun Fights Poll Episode ___ stickied to the top of the page. Vote for the person you thought provided the best argument and they’ll win a bonus point next week. Leave a comment telling us what answer you would’ve chosen. If you have a question for gun fights, send me a PM on Reddit or Instagram, or send an email to nick@welikeshooting.com.


#Aaron’s Alley

  1. Full auto fun without the need for the NFA

Going Ballistic


Listener Reviews

Five Twinkies from: Rimfire? I don’t even know her!

Double tap 309 and WLS 510 were pretty great because Nick, while normally having a dry and quiet sense of humor, chose violence over and over again. I’m actually a little worried now. It’s like when you have a pet that’s been sick for a while but then it suddenly starts looking better and acting normal and you think “hey he might be getting better now” but then the next morning you find him dead on the porch. I miss my dog.

Also Savage was gone.

Five Stars from Scott L: 

Had to leave a review. I told myself that the first time Aaron says something i agree with ill leave a review. It finally happened a few episodes ago when Aaron said 22lr has a place! I totally agree Aaron. Shawn is not often wrong but he is about 22lr. You guys are great. I dont miss an episode and hope there are thousands more to come.

Five Stars from Mark:

I’ve been listening to the podcast for a long time but I just recently started tuning in to the live shows and… holy shit. Actually seeing the cast for the first time has only left me with more questions. As far as I know, Shawn’s never actually gotten his balls out on the show but if they’re half as disturbing as the top of his uncovered head, the mere inference of their exposure would have the power to scare politicians into coming through on their promises. I knew Aaron was the oldest cast member, but good god I didn’t know he was such a geriatric, liver spotted, bald Adam Driver, owl nosed fuck. The grey in his beard spread through my monitor like a cancer, and it only plays in black and white now. Until seeing video evidence, I wasn’t sure that Savage was even a real person. Unless he and Aaron are talking over each other, I can barely tell a difference between their voices, opinions, and overall commie pinko tendencies. I actually searched Jeremy’s name on YouTube before settling in for the show. I didn’t know that he won the African hunt he brags about every once in a while, that’s pretty cool. I also found an interview he did with another small business owner in Ohio on TV. Pretty slick man. But the one thing that really got me is how comically huge he is standing next to any other member of the human race. I would support a genetic test if any of you can hold him down long enough. Guarantee he’s at least 33% man, 33% squatch, and 50% black angus bull. Nick looks exactly how I thought he would. He looks as uninterested in the rest of y’all as he sounds, and I’m pretty sure whenever he’s stopping to think about your answers on gunfights, he’s actually in the midst of a dire losing battle to keep the contents of his bowels in, and to keep his ass from prolapsing.

In all seriousness, I’m a huge fan of the show. I listen to every episode while I’m driving at work, and I’ve almost wrecked a time or two from laughing so damn hard. Best podcast ever, keep being awesome. I love you guys.


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