WLS 487 – Its a me, Wario


Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 487 


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.





Gear Chat 


  1. Shawn – 5.7 Rock – SlideFrame / Redi-Edge Redi Lok
  2. Nick – Space Revolver


Gun Fights!



How Poly 80 responded to the ATF Letter

Aaron’s Alley

What to expect in this upcoming year in the gun industry and the gundies

Going Ballistic


Five orgasmorators from Joey Gunz: 

I won’t lie I really just want a free tshirt. I would buy one but I have a severe addiction to buying and shooting firearms. Which in return has put me in crippling debt. Some days I feel like I’m just a R-tard in way over my head but then I listen to the show and feel right at home. I wish I had something witty and funny to say but I don’t sooo…. Yea. Thanks for being the dysfunctional entertaining firearm Brady bunch that you are. Really appreciate everything you do for the 2A community. Look out for me when SHTF I’ll be the one with the anime girl high point and head to toe in dickoflage. Keep it classy.


Five Stars from Richard Munch:


Shawn is like that weird uncle that has all the mid-life crisis toys.

Savage is the bald guy nobody knows who invited to the party but you let stay anyways because he informs you on all reddit news.

A-Aron is the creepy cousin that you get told “is from a different time” when he hugs the 14 year olds a bit too long

Nick is that one cousin that gives you your first cigarette and drops 13 books worth of gun knowledge on the back porch at a family gathering

Jeremy is the fun big brother that will drink to much and will go on a 3 hour rant with 2 full essays cited in MLA format on why commies (aka Savage) are the real reason he can’t get cheap ammo every 4 years

All in all this podcast is like a toxic relationship. 5 personalities that you want to run away from, but seem to always get brought back by that sweet sweet SSB.


Five Stars from Zachary: 

It seems like every review lately has been an attack on Aaron. I find it uncalled for based on personal experience where he let me borrow his coat at a Michigan cult meetup where i miss judged the weather. Would any of the other cast members share their jacket? Shawn would spend an hour explaining why he bought the jacket, what it’s intended use is and what every pocket is used for. By the time he gets done with the explanation you would freeze to death. Jeremy’s jacket would be giant sized and not wearable. Nicks jacket would more than likely have feces on it. Savage doesn’t own a jacket because communism. I think all the Aaron hate is overused at this point. Anyways thanks for the great podcast and the only podcast I look forward to every week.

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