WLS 474 Can you hear this


Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 474. 


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 


  1. Aaron – infinite Defense targets
  2. Shawn – Aventon Aventure e-bike
  3. Nick – Infitech PC Carbine Chassis


#Gun Fights!



Shawns IV8888 Trip

#Aaron’s Alley

People I know I can beat in a fight

Richard Dreyfuss

Michael J. Fox

Emanual lewis

Betty White

Steven Segal

#Going Ballistic

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Jeremy  Reads 

 Five Stars from John Doe: 

Holy smokes, what a mess of a podcast.

It starts with Grizzly Adams as the main host, seemingly rational and kind but then also prone to leaving civilization to be totally alone at the drop of a hat.

It also includes the troll that can’t seem to hold a job, but makes it every week to argue points he doesn’t necessarily believe in, just to provide a contrarian argument and enrage people, eventually he starts to believe his BS.

Next is the human Q-Tip. The guy that reads the news word for word from whatever web site he plagiarized it from. Please get this guy a telecaster to make his delivery smoother than its current William Shatner-esque delivery.

Next is the calm guy that no one is sure actually really exists. It could be he’s just a digitally generated amalgamation AI of youtube personalities. However the AI has glitches, which explains why he’s in the “bathroom” so much.

Lastly is the gun control leftists poster boy stereotype for angry white males with guns. He talks about how many commies he’d kill, but hasn’t killed any yet. We’ll eventually see pictures of him with a red circle and slash at Moms Demand Action events.

The podcast is sometimes enjoyable, as long as alcohol is involved; by alcohol I mean high proof that both the hosts and listener is drinking.

Sometimes they talk about guns; but usually they are discussing trailers, RVs, cast iron, bacon grease, sucky jobs, stabbing people, MineCraft, and most any topic other than guns.

Their sharing of firearm knowledge is so good in fact, their listeners can’t make a decent guess in Family Fudd.

All of them are probably on some Federal “alphabet bois” watch list, and half the listeners are too.

Listening to this podcast won’t make you smarter, may not make you laugh, you probably won’t learn much about guns, but it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, barely.


Five Stars from Turd Ferguson: 

WLS is by far my favorite thing to listen to while driving all day for work. Because of this show, I have finished the AS program from SDI, covered myself and my family with Second Call Defense, and continue to gain knowledge daily. The variety of entertainment you all offer across all the different shows always keeps me on my toes and I have to say, even though it is brand new, We Like Skateboarding on the unloaded show is probably my favorite segment.

Keep it up, you guys fuck hard


Five Stars from Lil Stan:

I first discovered this show February 2014 when Lil was on the precision rifle podcast and have been listening since. Pretty fucked up that I’ve put myself through that but here we are. Other than the dark ages, IYKYK, it’s a great show, still look forward to it every week. P.S. Shawn, if you still disagree with it, then they didn’t convince you of their answer.


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