WLS 465 – Mushroom


Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 465. 


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.


Gear Chat 


  1. Aaron – South African Subleathal guns
  2. Shawn – Radian Weapons Ramjet and Afterburner / handguard gap ok / 
  3. Nick –Paddle Shifter Kit for Streamlight TLR-7A https://emissarydevelopment.com/product/paddle-shifter-kit-for-streamlight-tlr-7a/


Gun Fights!

What is the best “just as good” brand?




Going Ballistic

Summarize / Editorialize / Go to the cast for comments  

  • ATF fedboi gets rekt trying to force his way into a home for a ‘gun inspection’ on a private citizen.
  • House passed AWB. Definitely call your senators, however, I’m not really that worried. Daniel Defense and Chris Killroy of Ruger testified in front of congress and they did a great job (STFU about them not calling to disband the ATF). Dems make asses of themselves. Mr. Busse from Giffords was a complete lying piece of shit.Kelly Sampson from Brady Campaign makes tons of uncited claims (public health problem). Blames the gun industry and “loopholes” (also known as breaking the law). Blames “crime guns” on 5% of FFL’s where guns are traced to and say that manufacturers need to “investigate”. Says ATF isn’t powerful enough, and “protected” by PLCAA. Saying good guy with a gun racist. “Muh distorted view of 2nd Amendment!” Literally, the only person in the entire room who put her mask on and only that when she was done talking. Antonia Okafor (for 2a) – Kicked ass. Explained why AR’s are not scurry weapons, are great for women and older people who have issues with recoil. How gun control is racist. Carolyn Maloney is a cunt. Blames the manufacturers for a psycho killing, says it’s their fault. “Stop selling assault rifles to children! How many more children need to die?” She can’t even figure out who she’s talking to. Won’t even let the people answer, cuts them off, and then rants like an idiot with stupid platitudes.
  • NJ Opens office to sue gun manufacturers for being a public nuisance.


Jeremy  Reads 

Five Stars by Bourbon Sipper


Love this show, I look forward to every episode. Shawn is the driver behind this craziness and kinda steers the bus while whiskeyfied, hitting dead horses and sacred cows. Aaron is supposed to be helping with directions but he got distracted by the udders on one of the sacred cows (female, duh) and is saying, “Whoah!”. He forgot to wear pants. Jeremy is sitting grumply looking at the ceiling wishing he could mount a Ma deuce up there and single-handedly end communism. In Mindcraft? Nick is in the back and is…well you know what Nick is doing, uh, making his brain bigger, yeah, with brain things. Savage is on his phone on Reddit not paying attention to anybody while trying to sell his bread to various groups of people with gluten allergies or on keto. For Better or Worse the exhaust fumes of the bus is actually airborne cocaine which is why I keep coming back for more. Please, don’t stop. 


Five Stars by Mike Hunt


5 of the largest squares you can find.


I drive for a living and it always makes for a great day when I can start my morning off with WLS, it’s the best god damned podcast on the whole fucking internet.


I’ve realized that this show (or any of the spin-offs) are a lot like pizza; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. In fact, you can sum up the hosts like the toppings on a pizza; Shawn is like the cheese that holds everything together, plus he’s pretty cheesy.

Jeremy is the sauce because without the sauce it wouldn’t be a fucking pizza at all, would it? No, it’d just be fucking cheesy bread… Plus, Jeremy is saucy…

Nick is the pepperoni, it’s a classic and everyone is cool with it.

Aaron is the jalapeños, not because he’s spicy, but because sometimes I’m feeling it, and sometimes I’m not.

Finally, Savage is mushrooms… Because mushrooms are fucking disgusting and I don’t want them anywhere near my pizza…


I love this shit and I hope you guys never stop.


Bring back the Positively Pozderac song before the reviews start.







Five Stars by Myles


I look forward to you show every week. Y’all make me laugh and keep me informed. Jeremy is the angry Brandon herrara, Sean tried but fail to keep the show on the rails, nick is the game show host want but don’t deserve, savage is the only one right when it comes Canik, and I like Aaron but not enough to risk my rights to keep and bear arms enough to water board him. I can see me being charged for torturing a will party. Keep up the good…work?


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