WLS Episode 425 – Hangry

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Gear Chat

Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 425 Tonight we’ll talk about Alec Baldwin, Seekins adjustable gas block, Springfields new whatever pistol and some weird charging handle… and more! 


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, Savage1R, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.

Favorite gun subreddits / subreddit review

3d printer giveaway #1 cult onlyyoutu.be/y9EYt_f12wo?t=31

Gear Chat 


  1. Aaron – Seekins Adjustable Gas Block
  2. Shawn – Springfield SA-35


  1. Nick – Springfield Levar charging handle



Backup guns

Going Ballistic


Jeremy  Reads 

Definitely 5 squares.


Been a listener for the past two years. Keeps me busy while I’m at work and the banter is hilarious. Team Jeremy all the way and Aaron is a commie


Five squares


Let me start by saying if you hear a a “Huuummm” from Jeremy before answering a question just stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention even if you’re in the middle of making a baby, (and yes I listen to it in the shower, at work, driving and even while making love that’s how good this podcast is )

comonsense5. By the way instead of beeping ever bad word they should do it every time Aaron talks, trust me when I tell you hearing an F bomb every once in a while won’t do the harm and is way less disrespectful than listening to the absurdity that sometimes comes out of his mouth. Very entertaining tho when the whole cast Demolishes his arguments and turns against him. P.O I started the nutrient challenge today but imma bring it up a notch and do it for 44 days ( hopefully I don’t get dead)


From Facebook


I really do love this show. A few years ago I listened in and thought, “these guys are stupid and assholes”… Last year Shaun was on Hank Stranges show and I figured id give y’all another shot. One episode and i was like, “Man these guys are great, informative, entertaining, hilarious… I’m stupid and a asshole for not watching them before”. True story, y’all one of my favs now. Funny thing, at first I thought Jeremy was a asshole, but the more I watch the more I realize I agree with him more than anyone. PS, Aaron looks old as fuck.



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