WLS 326 – Hate Mail

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 326 – tonight we’ll talk about Boyds Gun Stocks, Aero lowers, WWSD 2020, Appendix Carry, The boogaloo, Opie in the Smokies and more!

Our Guest is Josh Winett from Opie in the Smokies

Patchmaker, Youtuber, Husband, Dad

You can find more about Josh Winett here


Our cast for episode 326 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch!

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Gear Chat

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Where we talk about the stuff we have, the stuff that we want and the stuff that we need!

  1. Shawn – Boyds Gun Stocks
  2. Aaron – Aero Stripped lower
  3. NickLynch – VZ Punch Arrow
  4. Savage1r – WWSD 2020

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Going Ballistic with Savage1r

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Savage1r goes over the news of the day relating to guns, rights and more!

  • The Whisky_Warrior incident. What happened, things to take note of, what to do moving forward (Shawn, would like your perspective on this since you followed it closest).
  • Dems in Washington state are pushing more gun restrictions.
  • Supreme court refuses to hear Daniel v Armslist, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protections stand. Notorious RBG making more frequent trips to the hospital may be a sign that she doesn’t have much time left.


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Last episode was awesome! Great to hear it only took three hundred some odd episodes for Aaron to come over from the dark side! Welcome to the team! Take that commie patch off and give back to savage. Sean, I feel your going to be fine leaving your pistol in the car at the post office. Everyone has an equal understanding that if anything goes down we all know to protect that SSBH! Someone will recognize you! It’s an unspoken rule. Now onto Savage. First it’s save Washington State and now it’s Mexico. Does this guy pay taxes? If he says free healthcare for all I am guaranteeing I’ll be the next one star review shirt Sean starts to wear. Keep up the good work guys!

Imaginary friends

pasty white gut


Listening to WLS is like listening to my friends talk about every subject that matters to me. Except I can’t interject my opinion or thoughts on the subjects at hand, and I’m pretty sure you guys actually exist. Thank you guys for bringing joy to my days, and magic to my nights. #WLSislife #WLSislove #FleshlightThatSSB #hotdogsareasandwich

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