WLS 210 – It’s not negligence – Voda

Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 210 – tonight we’ll talk about HuntacGear, Sterling 22, Voda Consulting, Brownells Glock Slides, Voda and more!

Our Guest is Voda from Voda Consulting

Prior military, prior law-enforcement, high risk security, firearm educator

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Our cast for episode 210 is Shawn Herrin, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch!

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Rating 5 Stars

Okay, okay- here’s a kind of real review. so, We like shooting, if you lack the braincells- is a podcast about guns. theres been a few hosts, the current ones are Shawn Herrin, president of the FRN now. he tries to maintain some form of control over a herd of drunk, occasionally high cats. (no he doesn’t. listen to episode 171. if got it’s own shirt.) Nick Lynch is a narcoleptic sloth who occasionally keeps his drunk dad shawn out of trouble. and once wore a skin tight green suit for our entertainment. Jeremy Pozderac is a shaved bear who put all his points into bluff and no one has seen through his disguise yet. he doesn’t actually speak english. just several dozen different curses strung together. Aaron Kreiger is the fat guy. he’s scared of dolphins and works as a mall santa. he really loves those freaking gloves. Savage 1R is the bubba gunsmith and token redditor. but Nick and Aaron are both encroaching on his bubba gunsmith terf. if you want to know about laws that only effect washington, Savage is your guy. the old/intermittent panelists are Ava- she kind has a nasaly voice. her existance annoys a great many people. Jeremy is so angry because he knows he has no chance with her. supposedly she’s the best shot in the group, but only with guns under 5 pounds, and with triggers under 3lbs. because she can’t lift anything heavier, and struggles with even mild trigger pulls. she talks about three things. 1. Her house. 2. Her dog. 3. her bullseye guarantee. Lil Chantilly was the best panelist. we miss you Lil. we miss you. and Jeremy, you can choke me any time daddy.

GI Jenava

by Jim’s mad on Aug 12, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★

Glad to see Ava is back now can you ask her to please get back to whatever she has been up to, doesn’t she have some phone calls to make. And tell Aaron that his laugh sounds like the suicide hotline phone number every time I hear it. You guys are great! That does not include Ava.

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