WLS 171 – No Trace of Humanity

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 171 – tonight we’ll talk about NRA instructor courses, LAW Tactical stock adaptor, west lake laser bore sighters, Vortex red dots, blue alpha gear and more!

Our Guest is Kurt Sills from Blue Alpha Belts

Co-Owner of Blue Alpha Belts

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Our cast for episode 171 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch! We are also joined by Ava Flanell from Elite Firearms & Training

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For the Ladies!

Our female panelist talks about gear and issues for women in the gun world.

How to rack the slide of a semi-auto for those with less hand strength.

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Positively Pozderac with Jeremy Pozderac

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Our angry Marine tells us what’s grinding his gears.

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Going Ballistic with Savage1r

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Savage1r goes over the news of the day relating to guns, rights and more!

    1. De-schedule Marijuana from the federal list of prohibited drugs. Commute the sentences of all non-violent marijuana offenders. Remove it from question 11e of the 4473.
    2. Either paired with the previous bill, or on its own, pass the Hearing Protection Act and remove Silencers from the NFA.
    3. This is the risky one. First, resurrect the Coburn Amendment, which is a form of Universal Background Checks which allows for citizens to maintain complete anonymity to use the NICS system for private transfers. Se’s from the NFA and repeal the Hughes Amendment and reduce the Tax for machine guns to $5-$20. This would keep MG’s on the NFA, but allow for everyone to get them as long as they submit their tax stamp and pass the background check. Third, national conceal carry reciprocity. This can be tied to the NICS system, so anyone with a NCCW card can use it as proof of eligibility when performing the NICS check as well as can be used for any FFL transfer or form condly, remove SBS’s, SBR’s, and AOW1/2/4 check instead of filling out the 4473.
    4. Implement the program model of http://cureviolence.org/ nationwide. This is an effective violence intervention program that targets specific individuals and uses cognitive behavioral therapy to stop violence before it starts. It has a success rate of reducing homicides of 56%. End all import bans. 922r, historical firearms, specific bans on countries like russia, ammo specific bans, and repeal the armor piercing ammo laws.
  1. Post Election Game Plan: Trump was elected because of the NRA and gun owners. He is setting up a 2A Committee for when he comes into office. He owes us the entire presidency, so he’s going to have to deliver. The big problem we face is that the left HATES Don. With a passion. Unless the right is able to offer up bills that will garner support from the left, they will do everything in their powers to obstruct any pro-gun bills that come through. So the right will have to do something that the left was never willing to do, offer up REAL compromises. That means both sides give a little. The first bills that go through have to be ones that give the left a lot of what they want, and a little of what the pro-gun side wants, so here’s my list of suggestions.
  2. Preface: Congratulations are in order, if only for the reason that the second amendment is no longer in danger. We did lose ground, stateside, with Nevada, Washington, and a few others losing ballot initiatives regarding UBC’s and emergency protection orders. There was one state that defied the odds. The dedicated work of the Gun Owners of Maine were able to stop Questionsa 3, otherwise known as Bloomberg’s sponsored universal background checks and that has become our line in the sand. Linked audio commentary regarding the Main law here.  We have come this far, no further. Now it’s our turn to push back.
  3. Ava – Trump 2nd Amend Plan
  4. Trump appoints TTAG writer and several NRA/Gun industry folks to his 2A Comission.


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