WLS 141 – White girl wasted

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Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 140 – tonight we’ll talk about Laser tag, nikon p308, JP’s 308 Cazador, Alien Gear, Gunfighters Inc., ZK-22 and moreepisode-tile-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered!

Our team of do it yourself’ers tonight, starts with

  • A Do it yourself YouTuber that is also known for his tremendous feats of strength, like living another day as Savage1r –  Savage1r
  • Advocate for women’s shooting, blogger at heelsandhandguns.com and retired navy officer, the recent dust up between Nick Cage and Vince Neil was about her – Lil Chantilly
  • Former Marine and owner of River’s Edge Tactical. His genetic flaws make him 2 inches short of being in a carnival freak show. . – Jeremy Pozderac
  • A precision rifle builder who if he had a theme song it would be from that show “Good Times”  – Nick Lynch
  • 3 gun shooter and super famous shooting personality that feels no summer is complete without catching herpes from a garden hose. – Kelli Sampsel.
  • We are also joined by the self proclaimed Machine Gun Moses, a man who lives in the dark, only because he is so fat gravity will not allow light to escape – Aaron Krieger.
  • The guest panelist tonight has made us all care about the history of firearms, Othais from C&Rsenal he was once given a glock to shoot but the modern tech confused him
  • Our Rhode Island Godfather,  Rhody.
  • My name is Shawn, and I will be taking a couple months off to do my Mission work as a Mormon, can I interest any of you in a copy of the watch tower? Our guest tonight is…

The janitor, president, fluffer, head of HR and lead tech support for the Gun Collective. Please welcome, Jon Patton.

The Gun Collective.

Drinking game



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Lil’s Livefire Lounge:

Cosmopolitan and Everytown for Gun safety share goofy video about “Gunsplainers”.  Watch it here.

NRA Commentator Dana Loesch provided a fantastic response.  Watch it here or read a transcript.

Dana’s best quote: “Newsflash to the gun-control brigade: Women had the right to carry long before we had the right to vote, and no amount of airheaded, proxy lecturing through vapid women’s glossies, is gonna change that.”

What do you think?


4-18 – Aaron q1

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Not filling out show notes

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Aaron, I’m sorry!

by alpinewiz on Apr 18, 2016
RATING: ★★★★★

The We Like Shooting team puts together the most entertaining show on my commute to and from work. I’ve learned so may life lessons like, make sure to take care of your clean up rag when you’re done with it and make sure you know what you’re talking about, meemees o_O. Oh, and Aaron, I hope the toffee I sent you last year didn’t push you to the ‘Beetus. How are your feet man? Great show guys. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Ode to Shawn

by Maijason on Apr 18, 2016
RATING: ★★★★★

Shawn…Thank you for putting together this show and all the hard work that you put in every week….I understand that everyone else that you work with is f****** incompetant….you do so much on your own and I just appreciate all the work you put in to take up this two and a half hours a week that I listen to every week…..aaaaannnnddd I just want to let you know how handsome, amazing, and attractive you are!…..eeerrrrr …..compared to Aaron….compared to Aaron it’s like being the slimmest guy at a Weight Watchers convention…or like being the smartest guy at the Special Olympics….Jeremy you’re very offensive and cost the show a lot of money (Patreons), with your horrible mouth. Savage you’re awesome & a wise man, Lil’……You’re awesome…Nick….Go f*** yourself!….LISTEN TO THE SHOW!!!!! #TEAMSCHICK


by Tactical Texan on Apr 17, 2016
RATING: ★★★★★

Jeremy for President! (yes, I am that crazy).

Oh Jesus…

by Mindless Focus on Apr 15, 2016
RATING: ★★★★★

The diabetes.


Wrap up


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