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WLS 057 – I Remember

WLS 057 – I Remember

episode-tileWelcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 57.  This week we’ll talk about Savoy Holsters, Some reloading, Tipton Gun Vise and the DEZ Tactical 308. Our guest tonight is the CEO of veteran focused publishing company Tactical 16, please welcome Erik Shaw

Our panel tonight

Our panel tonight consists of –


  • A YouTuber with a DIY attitude who once stuck his face through a doggy door and accidentally licked the kitchen floor – Savage1r
  • We’re joined by Retired Navy, advocate for women’s shooting, blogger at and NRA partner who’s other partner calls her partner when they partner up-  Lil Chantilly
  • Also with us, a true gentleman who always puts the seat back down on the hole, a Former Marine and owner of Rivers Edge- Jeremy Pozderac
  • Precision rifle and barrel maker  who survived a plane crash in the alps by eating all the survivors- Nick Lynch
  • You know him, you love him, you might even let him date your daughter, Our Media contact who once led a cub scout troop into a slow descent into hell –  Aaron Krieger
  • I’m Shawn, an instructor, reviewer, competitor, former member of the band WASP and your host.



  • 12 year Army Vet who now runs a Veteran focused Publishing Company and works with multiple 2A friendly businesses
  • Has been featured on FOX News multiple times as well as other forms of printed and televised media.
  • Erik Shaw, CEO of Tactical 16.

September 11th rememberance instead of drinking game.

I saw this posted by Wayne Thompson on Facebook –

Today, on the eve of 9/11, I remember. This day is not a holiday, not a vacation day. It is not a cause for celebration, relaxation, parades or the like. It is a solemn reminder that evil walks this earth. On this 13 th anniversary I remember.

I remember the cowards who murdered innocent people. I remember the radical terrorist that killed in the name of their religion. I remember the towers, 4 planes, and the Pentagon.

I also remember the heroes. Not just the brave military, police, fire and EMS personnel but all patriots and heroes. The teachers, preachers, construction workers, nurses, doctors, and many others from different backgrounds, faiths, and job descriptions who rushed in to help. The brave heroes who fought back and prevented another aircraft from killing those it was destined to hit.

I remember that the healing is not over. The battle is not won. The fight still continues. But as long as we have Patriots we will overcome.

and now it’s time for… Gear Chat

where we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!

Please stay under 5 minutes for your gear.

Going forward, please announce whether you have used the product and whether it’s from a sponsor first.

  • Aaron: Savoy Holsters (saav wah)
  • Savage1r: Getting ready for another round of reloading
  • Lil:  Tipton Best Gun Vise
  • Shawn: DEZ Tactical Arms DTA-10 .308
    • Barrel: DEZ Arms, Inc. 4150 Chrome-Moly Vanadium (CMV) Steel, Buttoned Rifling, M4 Feed Ramps, 1:10 Twist, 24″ Fluted Bull Precision Match Grade Quality.
    • Handguard: DEZ Arms, Inc. 19″ KeyMod Handguard –
    • Trigger: Hiperfire Hipertouch 24E Single Stage Match Trigger (Adjustable Weight).
    • Buttstock: Magpul PRS Stock.
    • Handgrip: Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip with Palm Shelf.
    • Weight: 12 lbs.
    • MSRP: $2,999.00

Jeremy birthday



Manticore Arms manufactures Advanced Fighting Gear for all your favorite modern rifles.  Whether you use the AUG, AK, AR-15, or Tavor, Manticore Arms makes the accessories you need to upgrade your rifle to its full fighting potential.  Visit them at to see their full product line and what they have to offer.  Manticore Arms is a proud sponsor of the We Like Shooting show.

We now have our Optics Mount Top Covers in stock for the Yugo PAP pistol Renegade forearm.  The Optics Mount top Cover allows you to mount a Burris Fastfire or an Aimpoint and achieve co-witness of the sights through the optics.

Also, they now have Fully Loaded ARClight and ARClight XTL (extended tactical length) forerams for the Tavor in stock, and you can also purchase Light Rings on their own if you are needing one.  Flat Dark Earth will be in stock shortly!

Free Shipping is still on until August 31st, so don’t delay! and

Sven joined us recently in episode 38 – and you should check out that episode.

We announced our patron project and we’ve seen huge support from you!  Thank you so much for believing in what we are doing!

Just really quick, our show is crowdfunded. To say thanks we do cool stuff like send patches, stickers, etc. based on levels. We are giving away a rifle and a pistol to two lucky winners when we hit $500 per episode. Find out more at



Lil’s Livefire Lounge:

David writes:

OK, please, when talking about scopes and such, you start using terms, such as, first and second focal planes and also parallax. What the heck does that mean?  Please explain as if you’re writing the book SCOPES FOR DUMMIES.

  • Variable vs. Fixed
  • Illuminated
  • FFP vs. Second Focal Plane
  • Elevation – Mil/MOA turrets
  • Wind Turret
  • Parallax
  • Focus
  • Magnification
  • Glass
  • Reticle
  • Subtend
  • Ocular Lens
  • Objective  Lens
  • Eye Relief
  • Field of View
  • Explanation of the numbers:  5x-25x 40  40mm objective lens size in diameter – bigger, more light, etc.
  • Tube size – one inch tube, 30mm, 34mm, etc.  This will determine the size of rings you need.
  • “Minutes of Angle” (MOA). This is a unit of measurement of a circle, and is 1.0472 at 100 yards. For all practical purposes it is called 1 inch at 100 yards. It is 2 inches at 200 yards, 5 inches at 500 yards, one half inch at 50 yards, etc.

Going ballistic with Savage1r (news stories, gun control, etc.)


Gun companies don’t get a worse deal than porn/adult companies.

First, adult material companies can only accept major credit cards by going through a a payment processor approved by them. Those companies have to charge $750 to open an account. Those companies then typically charge 17.5% per transaction.

On top of that Mastercard charge $500 per year per account which gets passed on to the adult material companies.

Forget Paypal, they will close accounts connected to adult material and freeze any funds in that account.

On top of that, the federal government passed 18 U.S.C 2257 quite a few years ago requiring all documented ID of adult talent be held by the company indefinitely. Thank Jemma Jameson for that. One of the by products of that wonderful piece of legislation is that if you have pictures of your partner, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, ex girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband… then technically, by law you have to have a signed model release and a copy of their ID recorded or you can face prosecution.

I did not tell you any of this… my name is unattached to this knowledge…


Phone – -***
1 September, 2014

Mckinnondefense (United States of America)

Best Podcast On Guns!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

I have been listening to your show for a while and I have to say that it is the best show on the topic of guns. The last two shows were powerful. Keep up the good work!!!!

26 August, 2014

Kwas81 (United States of America)

F-ing hilarious, oh and informative!!

Rating: 5 Stars

These guys are awesome! They do a fantastic job of combining comedy and pertinent information of firearms and firearms equipment. By far the best podcast with a panel that’s currently out there, hands down! Lastly it’s important to know in this review of how Shawn, “the ring leader”, is very good at interacting with their listeners. I’m sure he is very busy with this podcast and personal life, yet takes the time to respond to Facebook posts. This is a must in your podcast playlist!!! Keep it up guys 🙂

20 August, 2014

TDonily (United States of America)

Edutainment at its best

Rating: 5 Stars

This show mixes fact and fiction in such a way that you can’t help but laugh. Informative entertainment in every episode.

18 August, 2014

-Roman- (United States of America)

Love it!

Rating: 5 Stars

I’ve been listening since the begining and a patreon since very early on and just can’t get enough. You guys are all great! To bad you only have one episode a week.

Wrap up

Gun related link of the week

What shows to listen to on FRN


  • Lil: Precision Rifle Podcast
  • Shawn: Gun Guy Radio


Thanks to everyone else that has commented on our social media and our show website. If you would like to correspond with us please

Feedback hotline! 201-957-0011 or 201-WLS-0011.

Don’t forget to visit our discounts page, guaranteed to get you discounts for some of our favorite companies, And last but not least for WLS swag and other products that we like.

We apologize to Colion Noir for bumping him again this week, we’ll try to get him on next week.

Join a gun related advocacy group such as the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA, whatever. Find one that’s relevant to your interests and join.

We are going to close out the show with a great song from fromer marine and country music sensation Markus Fox.

Thanks for listening, and shoot straight.

About The Author

Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.


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