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WLS 035 – Knowing is half the battle

WLS 035 – Knowing is half the battle

episode-tileWelcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 35.  This episode we’ll talk about trigger mania, manners stock, yugo zastava PAP, TN Arms, Wiebad and hardcore hardware tactical tomahawks.

Our panel tonight

We are joined by

  • Savage1r – A YouTuber who makes videos about shooting, philosophy, and do it yourself projects. is addicted to laxatives (not the kind you eat)  DOING IT BETTER:
  • Lil Chantilly – Lil is Active Duty Navy, womens shooting advocate, NRA Women content partner, long range shooter and gun blogger, at Once wrestled a bear in a cage match, the bear oddly smelled of stale cigarettes and gunpowder DOING IT BETTER:
  • Aaron – A Law enforcement marketing specialist and the media contact for We Like Shooting. Aaron has a 2 phobias one is midgets  DOING IT BETTER
  • Jeremy – Former Marine, instructor, rifle champ and the owner of River’s Edge Tactical in Ohio. Once dressed as a bear so he could wrestle Lil DOING IT BETTER Will hopefully get out this weekend to shoot video for the Juggernaut Tactical, Henry .44 Mag Big Boy, and a ATI 12 gauge shotgun, and the WLS challenge.
  • Nick – A precision rifle and barrel maker.  Nick discovered and later published a paper about, that if you do put lipstick on a pig, it does look more attractive  DOING IT BETTER
  • Shawn – I’m Shawn, I’m an instructor, reviewer, competitor. Is going on tour this summer with Justin Beiber, heck I am a belieber.  It’s a black op.  I can’t say any more.  Well, I mean we’ll be playing black ops.  Whatever, he’s a nice guy and he buys me things.  Don’t you dare judge me. DOING IT BETTER:
  • Guest bio: Tonight we welcome radio host of Warrior Talk Radio and Co-Founder of HEAR our VETERANS, we read on twitter that she is actually a dude, please join me in welcoming GI Jenn! DOING IT BETTER: started a radio show for VETERANS

This is our drinking game.

  • Shawn – interesting, Actually, absolutely, fantastic, basically, nice
  • Aaron – Piece, clip or interrupts someone!
  • Anybody – WEAPON, Hi-Point.
  • Jeremy – I hate you all!
  • Nick – Chocolate Rain
  • savage1r – ya know, basically
  • Lil – Oh My Goodness! (Usually brought on by something Aaron says.)
  • Zak – Any time Zak says anything.
  • Guest: GI Jenn

and now it’s time for…

Gear Chat

where we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!

  • Shawn: Trigger mania!
  • Aaron: Manners Stock
  • Savage1r: Yugo Zastava PAP M92PVB AK Style Pistol, Krinkov Pattern, 7.62×39, with Stabilizer Brace. Or a Remmington 870.
  • Nick: TN Arms lower
  • Lil:  Wiebad Steady Rest Shooting Bags
  • GI Jenn – hardcore hardware, tactical tomahawk

We announced our patron project and we’ve seen huge support from you!  Thank you so much for believing in what we are doing!

We’re raising money to give back to our audience and make the show better. If you like the show please consider contributing. 50 cents, a dollar, a nickel, a penny (aaron), whatever you can do.  It only amounts to a few bucks per month but there are all kinds of rewards and we will constantly be adding to the list.  Patches, shirts, swag boxes – SO. MUCH. STUFF.

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It’s time for…

Going ballistic (news stories, gun control, etc.)

Put out a call to the audience, if they know of a story we should discuss, send it to us!

A-arons Odds news of the week

New Jersey teen Ethan Chaplin suspended from school for pencil gesture. So a teen made a gesture that turned his pencil into a gun.  He was suspended from school and given 5 hours of psych evaluation. Now I have been guilty of making a lot of things into guns, sticks, cardboard tubes, heck even my fingers. Are we getting a little crazy with all these assumptions. What other non-threatening things can we make into fictional weapons? (I once used a cat)

Shooting challenge

7 Card Stud, check it out at

Whose gun?

If fictional characters were to use modern publicly available firearms, what would they use? Pick ONE or two.  Guest please pick one and put your choice on that line.

This week: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

  • Robin Hood – Shawn – Pardini SP1 Pistol in .22LR.  Used in the Olympics for Rapid Fire pistol.  Shoot out a bees eye at 100 paces.
  • Prince John – Nick – Ruger Alaskan .454
  • Sheriff of Rottingham Jeremy: Glock 23 (what else is a cop gonna use, he also shoots himself in the leg)
  • Marian – GI JENN – 22 gatling gun
  • Blinkin – Savage1r – Stoeger double barrel shotgun
  • Ahchoo – Aaron – Hi-point, for 2 reasons, 1 they are poor and it is a cheap gun, 2 it is Dave Chappelle
  • King Richard — Lil — Barrett MRAD (.338 Lapua)

Pardini pistol

Wrap up

Gun related link of the week

  • Lil:
  • Aaron: First off any site that features skynnard, win, second It came to us from one of our patrons Steve F. so Check it out!

User feedback and user questions

We have a listener in Australia and I wanted to quickly read a note he sent us talking about Australia’s gun control.

Hi mate

Love your podcasts , really look forward to hearing them every week .keep up the good work!!

If you think the guns laws in the U.S suck … Spare a thought for us minions over here in Australia semi autos unless you are a certified professional pest controller ,every firearm has to be redgistered Fromm a bb air rifle to a large calibre centre fire , all firearms have to be stored in an approved rifle safe that has to be inspected by the police regularly ,… Some times un announced . All ammo to be stored in an approve ammo safe or strong box ,.you can only purchase ammo that you have a fire arm redgistered in that calibre, every time you buy gun powder it gets logged into a data base with your licence details………all in the name of public safety …….yeah right,.????

All because of our last Mass shooting back in 1996,,, all these draconian laws we’re put into place …and in the mean time Middle Eastern crime gangs our shooting up our streets in south Western Sydney on a near daily occurance .,with there illegal semi auto assault rifles and handguns …… And if buy some chance any of these oxygen thieves get apprehended ,,,they are lucky to ever receive a custodial sentence ,

But ,, if a licensed law abiding firearms owner gets caught with any loose rounds of ammo or not properly securing a firearm ….you would receive a massive fine ,in excess of thousands of dollars and get your rifles confiscated and licences susspended …….. What a f…ing joke ,!!!!! Man listening to all the firearms that you can get over there leaves us in awe !!! Keep up the great work

Derek P.


Companies love to give our audience discounts.

Go check out to see discounts from DEZ Tactical Arms, Rivers Edge Tactical, Kenaz Tactical Group, Jess Pens and Overwatch Holsters!


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What shows to listen to on FRN

If you could describe the show in a quick sentence, what would you say?

GUEST:  Total Debauchery

Thanks for listening, and shoot straight.

About The Author

Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.


  1. tuska1

    Hello everyone, I love
    the show! It funny and you all seems to work together well. Thanks for taking the time
    to provide this type of content. I’ll get you an iTunes review soon.
    Two quick
    1) I live in WA State,
    and I know the SBR bill has passed the house and senate, but has the governor
    signed it into law yet?
    2) I really like the
    looks of the Dez tactical AR rifles, but other that being cool looking, and being made in
    America probably with lots of TLC, is there anything really innovative about it, or is it
    just another AR rifle?
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  2. JeremyP

    tuska1 The reason I like DEZ so much is because they actually make their barrels out of 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium, instead of cheaper barrels that are made of 4140. Not to mention taking care when making a barrel and it not ending up like a beaver chewed his way down the bore and you ended up with rifling. It makes a big difference

  3. tuska1

    JeremyP tuska1
    LOL the beaver part made me laugh.
    I heard the show a while back when you all were talking about them.  I appreciate your thoughts on the rifle. Given
    yours and a few other people’s recommendation, and the prices they offer, I think I will look into
    his AR-10 when they come out.
    Thanks for the reply.

  4. savage1r

    tuska1  Last I checked there were some issues because the geniuses who wrote the bills forgot to write in the part about allowing people to manufacture their own sbr components instead of having to purchase a whole unit (only able to buy an upper or full ak sbr, etc), so they’re trying to fix the bill to make self manufacturing legal with ATF approval.

  5. tuska1

    savage1r tuska1
    Thanks for the info!

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