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MT6 – Colonel


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Codename: Colonel

The Colonel, a former high level operator turned cook with top training in martial arts, explosives, special-weapons and tactics. He is a master of unarmed combat, highly skilled with firearms, knives and other forms of combat which enables him to defeat mercenaries/terrorists with ease. As he got older,  his operations got craftier. His men always come home and that has earned him the respect of every man and woman in the military. He is best known for his special out-of-reg napalm recipe that uses 11 ingredients to really get that down home country fried smell.

This set includes 2 patches and 2 stickers. Patches (measured on the circle) are ~3″.

*Part of a limited run. This patch will be limited to 150 made. Don’t miss out.

*We’ll be launching a new set every other week!

*Collect them all


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .1 in


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