Smith & Wesson M&P Edition – Carnival of Skill

We decided to start using our leftover props at the end of range day and do a bit of a shooting gallery, practicing our precision and thought it was pretty fun! This version pitted Shawn & Nick against each other with Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm’s! Clearly I (Shawn) won, but Nick is a damn good shot too. Now, I did hit a .43mm paintball from 21′ away on the first shot, but Nick says it doesn’t count – what do you think?!

I shot my trusty old S&W M&P Pro 5″ and Nick shot my tricked out Faxon Wesson 🙂 Guns, parts and upgrades provided by Faxon Firearms and Brownells.  Build lists and product links below the video.

Products & Discounts

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