Pencil Thin Armor for Chonky BOIS

Watch to the end, I always try to make it worth it. This one is a DOOZY!

I got in some of the thinnest body armor out there and I did everything I could to destroy it! Safe Life Defense Hyperline is so light and thin, do you think it will stop anything?!

Link to gear load out and sponsor links is here:

I shot the Thinnest IIIA body armor with machineguns – Hyperline

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Hyperline Intro
1:10 Test platform
1:25 The ammo
1:41 Shooting it!
2:23 What the?
2:30 machine guns!
3:00 Finally
3:35 Another try
3:50 Shirt
4:00 The results
4:31 Pros
5:10 Cons
6:43 Wrap Up
7:29 Dance dance revolution

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