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Marlin Model 60 Review

Marlin Model 60 Review

There are three things I plan on leaving my son when I pass from this earth: my baseball mitt, my collection of National Geographics, and my father’s Marlin Model 60.

While the mitt and the magazines are nice, the Marlin is amazing. I can see why it has been referred to as the “most popular 22 in the world.”

A few reasons why I like the Model 60: It’s small, light, holds a fair amount of rounds, and is super cheap to shoot.

This is a perfect gun for kids to start out on. At just over 3 feet long, the size allows for children of most sizes to learn how to hold a rifle correctly. But the gun is not so small that as an adult I feel it is like shooting a Daisy BB gun. I still enjoy taking this out and putting a few hundred rounds into a target.

Its weight comes in at under 6 pounds. If you want to sling it and walk deep into the woods you may forget it’s even there.

The cost is pretty amazing to, for $200 or less (much less) you can find one of these and you have just created a legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation.

As many of you know the cost of 22LR rounds is pretty inexpensive. This is another reason why I like this gun. I can blow off a brick of bullets and not feel like I need to remortgage my house.

Trigger pull

Over the years I have owned this gun it has been modified a bit. I remember the factory trigger was one long, creepy, stacky pull, with a slight but obvious hitch right before it let off. It was an easy fix if you are a bit of a smithy or a shop full of them if you have no mechanical abilities.


I had thrown a cheap scope on this rifle but even without it, the factory sights seemed pretty accurate, and I like the fact that I can shoot multiple rounds without having to constantly chamber the next round. Also the bolt stays open on the last shot, which is a nice touch.


  • Cheap
  • Light
  • Reliable


  • Tube loading. While it holds 14 rounds, a magazine-fed Marlin is also available.
  • Few accessories

Final thoughts

I like this gun. It is well-put-together, easy to clean and great to shoot with. The tube loading can be dangerous if the person loading it is not aware that the gun is potentially loaded because you are right in front of the barrel. This gun has history to me, and my father, and someday my son.


Yes, without a doubt.

About The Author

aaron krieger

Aaron has worked in advertising and marketing for more than 15 years for such companies as Ford, The Sports Authority, the NHL and many others. He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. Aaron lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and three children.


  1. Jon Mosher

    I can’t believe you think a semi-auto is the gun that kids should start out with, that’s insanity. The Model 60 is not a gun for kids. First off, the newer Model 60 tend to jam which can be a pain, and at times, dangerous for a child. Secondly, a semi-auto is dangerous to children just because they always see how fast it can empty it, or leave it loaded with the safety off chasing snakes or something. Finally, It doesn’t make them respect the aspects of marksmanship. Give them a single shot, bolt action, or a lever action with a safety.

    • AaronKrieger

      Jon, I think we can both agree children should not “play” with guns. Gun ownership and usage is a responsibility built on respect of the firearm. I think I just assumed that parents or guardians would not hand off a firearm to a child and let them run off with it. I would hope that people would supervise children with guns. That being said, the Model 60 is a great gun for first time shooters. As far as the jamming aspect, I have never had an issue with mine, however those who have, seemed to be able to fix the issue with ammo. Some ammo runs better than others.

      Jon, thanks for the feed back, it is readers like you that make writing worthwhile.

      • Jon Mosher

        You say the Model 60 is a good first gun. Why is it a good first gun other than it’s light and a .22?

        • AaronKrieger

          Great question, I find it to be a good first gun based on the following reasons; Size, it’s size is well suited for a smaller framed shooter, Recoil, being a .22 it has basically no recoil, helping new shooters to reduce their “flinch” helping to also not build bad habits, cost, the Marlin 60 is pretty cheap option and at the time I wrote this .22 ammo was everywhere. So, to sum it up, Cost, Size, and Lack of Recoil.


    This is a great gun. I bought one for my wife, as she thought the 10/22 was too bulky and heavy. It is incredibly accurate and light. I soon wanted one of my own. Her grandfather happened to give me his, this past Christmas, so it will DEFINITELY be a heirloom.

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