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Tac-Con is at it again with the AK Raptor and 241 combination 2-stage trigger

Tac-Con is at it again with the AK Raptor and 241 combination 2-stage trigger

Recently I went to visit Tac-Con in Arizona to see and have some hands on time with their new AK Raptor trigger and the ground-breaking 241 2-stage/single stage trigger.

I was able to catch up with Hank Strange, Eden Rose (Lil Red Danger), Sam Cadle from the Firearm Blog and Jason Wages from Modern Arms and chat about our initial impressions of the triggers.

Generally we were all positive about the trigger. The AK trigger was much better than the stock package. It shot similarly to the 3MR and provided an upgraded feel with a 4.5 lb trigger pull.

The 241 however was the treat of the trip. It combines the assisted reset mode of the 3MR with a 2 stage trigger and offers something that no one else has brought to market. The ability to have a fast trigger and a precise long range trigger in the same package is a very worthwhile upgrade to your rifle.

I’m really looking forward to having some more hands on time with both triggers and digging in to how they perform on a long term basis.

The AK Raptor trigger will retail for $349 and the 241 trigger will come in at $399 which you will notice is $100 less than their inaugural offering. In fact the 3MR will be receiving a permanent price adjustment to the $399 mark as well.

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