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Review: Ruger BX-Trigger for the 10/22 Rifles

bxThe Ruger BX-Trigger kit is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock 10/22 trigger kit. Not only does the BX work in the 10/22 rifle, but it will also replace the stock trigger on the 10/22 Charger models. I installed mine in a 10/22 Takedown Model.

Installation is super easy and done by removing the two trigger pins, removing the old stock trigger and replacing it with the new one, and then replacing the pins. Since this is a direct replacement for the stock trigger kit, it also looks and weighs the same as the stock trigger. Both triggers weigh in at a whopping 4 3/8oz. The BX trigger comes with a hammer block that is removed before installation. The only noticeable difference between the two is the trigger pull. I had to label the stock trigger, so I didn’t get it confused with the BX while I was swapping them out for testing.

I used a Lyman trigger pull gauge for the measurements. The stock trigger pull weight comes in at 5lbs 14oz on a three pull average. The BX trigger comes in at 2lb 13oz on the three pull average. That’s a 3lb 1oz reduction. The BX has no noticeable take-up or slop and a nice clean break. There is a trigger stop to prevent any marked over travel and has a nice positive reset. It’s a noticeable improvement over the stock trigger.

At the range, the BX is noticeably faster firing than the stock trigger. Since I have mine in a 10/22 Takedown accuracy testing isn’t something I’m able to test as the Take Down model naturally shoots larger groups than the standard model 10/22. It’s reasonable that in a standard 10/22, accuracy would be improved over the stock model as the two main accuracy improvements on a rifle are the trigger and the barrel.

Before purchasing this kit, I did look at some of the online reviews both on Midway and Brownells, and there are so many 5 star ratings that I just couldn’t pass it up. MSRP on Ruger’s website is $89.99, but both Brownells and Midway had it for $74.99. I was able to get mine for a steal at $65 plus tax at my local gun shop.

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In my opinion, it is hard to come up with any let downs in this setup. Maybe they could have shaved off an ounce or two. One minor nitpick would be to make the plastic shell a different color to more easily differentiate the two models.

This upgraded trigger is a nice replacement for the stock trigger on a 10/22. I would expect nothing else from the folks over at Ruger. Yeah, there are others that are better and more expensive, but it’s hard to ignore the value in this product. I would highly recommend this kit for the budget minded individual that would like to improve the trigger on their Ruger 10/22.

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