The Aklys Defense KSG-SS

This is not a review, just a product that caught our eye. Inclusion in this video does not represent a product opinion from WLS.

The Aklys Defense KSG-SS (Shotgun Suppressor) features the industries fastest available mounting system for attaching or detaching a suppressor to a shotgun. It was developed around the KSG bullpup, but is offered for other platforms such as the Saiga S-12, Benelli, the Mossberg 930 or any shotgun with a threaded barrel.

The Universal Muzzle Mounting system also allows attachment of other non-NFA muzzle attachments such as breaching devices, muzzle brakes, and flash suppressors- all with the quick change capability of the Aklys Defense SS (Shotgun Suppressor) System.

Modular Aluminum Design available in many lengths for user selection for best handling and sound suppression. Suppressor length: 8″-12″ Weight: 2 Pounds