Warfytr Equipment is innovating your waist – #big3east

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We speak a lot about innovation and Warfytr Equipment is rethinking the way we carry. Made for actual warfighters, the products that they are bringing to market will work great for both civilian and competition shooters.

They have holsters, cinch hooks, mag pouches and more. That may sound boring, but you will really want to see their take on it. Thanks to Doug for talking with us, we’re excited to get some products in!

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We received an invitation to attend #big3east this year and were very excited to go. At most events the media is regarded with something slightly less than utter disdain. For example at SHOT Show, vendors are working on distribution and sales deals and when media comes up it takes their staff away from sales. We get that.

At Big 3 East, the media is welcomed and genuinely appreciated. It was a pleasure talking with companies in an environment like this and we can’t wait to go back twice a year! Thank you to Big 3 East and all of your staff for the outstanding hospitality!

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Big 3 stands for Tactical gun, Tactical gear and Tactical training that gathers gun industry content creators such as David Fortier, James Tarr, Andre’ M. Dall’au with significant manufacturers, trainers, creators and importers of firearms and related gear. Twice a year for the last ten years Big 3 East has hosted a three day industry event for industry writers, bloggers and videographers.

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GearDisclosure.com: This is not a review. This interview was performed at the event mentioned above. No financial compensation was provided to WLS for this interview.