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A day in the life of Tactical Don: Rubber Dummies

A day in the life of Tactical Don: Rubber Dummies

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Looking over your sights at a human shaped torso is as awkward as you might think. The first time I took the dummy to the range it had a T-shirt on and it was one of the oddest experiences I’ve had. I knew it was a target but my mind still made me falter every single time I took aim. I got past it but it’s important to note.

The rubber dummy target stand and dummy cost about $199.

What is this?

What is the rubber dummy? A target, a training tool, in our case a buddy and mascot… that we shoot… often. It’s the physical manifestation of the grief we give Aaron. When I say it like that, I feel really bad for Aaron. Moving on though, I’m over it.

Made from 100% recycled rubber, it’s a torso target that you can shoot during target shooting, tactical training, self defense training or any other kind of shooting you can think of. With a fresh coat of spray paint or primer, the holes pretty much disappear. When you hit it with a round, the paint/rubber mixture acts as a reactive target so you can easily see exactly where you hit.

It comes with a square steel base, a threaded pipe, a mount and the torso. You just screw the pipe into the base and mount and that’s it. From there, stand it up and you’ll have the mount with two steel prongs pointing vertically. These prongs fit easily into the base of the rubber dummy.


In all of the testing that we did, we never knocked it over. We even tried to blow it up and even then it just barely fell over. You can shoot the rubber dummy with any caliber that you desire, just understand that when shooting things like slugs, hollow points, etc. you will be removing material from the back. We’ve done it without hesitation or reservation and it is still in working order.


As mentioned we have purposely wrecked this thing by shooting anything and everything we had available. At one point, I just tried to shoot it in the neck over and over and was never able to decapitate it. We have shot thousands of round through it and it is still in completely usable.

So how does it handle a Dexter type owner? Just fine, we attempted to stab and slash it. Stabbing resulted in no real penetration to speak of and slashing just put lines in the paint. The base is not necessarily stable enough for knife attacks, but you can certainly brace it if desired.

Moving it around

Transporting it isn’t a big deal. I usually just removed the rubber part and transported it in 2 pieces. You could disassemble further to fit it into a car. Do take note that the base is a square piece of sheet metal and it will wreck your shins, your seats or anything else you bump the corners into.

What’s good?

It’s an excellent training tool. It’s stable, durable and I think the psychological factors involved with a target of this shape are very important to overcome for an individual that uses firearms for self defense. The price might seem high at first, but considering it’s still hanging in after a year makes it a good value.

What’s bad?

Not much, I’m nitpicking here. Originally it shipped with a threaded pipe that made the dummy too tall for one of the berms I shoot at. They quickly sent another pipe for the stand that made it around 5′ 9″. The square steel base corners are sharp and have drawn blood a couple of times. Again, reaching here, but it is something that left a mark (pun intended).

This is a special product that receives our highest recommendation. If you have the money and a place to shoot it, you can’t go wrong buying one.

If you use code WLS at they will give you 15% off your order.

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