DIY Body Armor for active shooter scenarios

[box type=”warning”] I think it’s important to state that improvised body armor is a terrible idea. In the event you ever need it, something might be better than nothing. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.[/box]

Picture yourself in your office. Drinking some We Like Shooting coffee, wasting time browsing the We Like Shooting website. You hear a gunshot. Conventional wisdom is to run, hide, fight; in that order. Often people end up locking themselves in offices and hoping that the good guys get to them before the bad guy. We decided to see if there was something that would make sense in an office setting that might give us a better chance of survival, even if it’s only a small chance.

Something that is very common in offices is copy or printer paper. While it does a decent job of slowing down rounds it isn’t reliable in stopping it. What could we add to make it more reliable? We decided to test ceramic tile taped to the front of the paper and the results were really impressive. This combination stopped 9mm to .308 from 15′ away. Watch the video for the detailed results.

Thanks to JC Arms and Ammunition for supplying the ammunition for this test! Also thanks to Kenaz Tactical Group for providing the range.

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