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AB Arms MOD1 Hand Guard Review

AB Arms MOD1 Hand Guard Review

I really enjoyed testing the AB Arms hand guard for this review.

As an American based company owned by Veterans it was a pleasure to see such craftsmanship.

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let’s take a look first its design, It is a two piece design that mates together in such a way that locks it into place allowing no movement both back and forth or twisting, some things you might find in it’s Magpul counter part. This design helps keep all our add ons like lights, fore-grips or even optics secure.

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Another thing we found positive was its ergonomic design. The AB Arms Mod 1 Hand Guard lends itself to almost perfect seeding. However without gloves on we found it to be a bit slick, when speaking with the company they said most users like to do their own thing, such as stippling or adding a coating.

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 5.52.20 PMThe Mod 1 is made to facilitate a piston driven AR, while we applaud this adaptation it gave us the issue that our flat top rails did not line up with those on the hand guard and we needed to use a riser for our sites, the other option is the AB Arms Pro model which is a flat top version of the MOD1.

Our only real complaint was the modular rail system that you can add to the hand guard. If you do not put the rails on before you assemble the grip you will have to take the whole thing off to put them on, unlike the Magpul system which lets you add and remove rails after the installation. Now you are able to pull the rail off with ease by slipping  delta ring down and separating the hand guard, but it seemed counter intuitive and added more time than we felt was necessary.

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 5.52.40 PMThe one thing you will notice as well is it is heavily ventilated with interior heat-sinks to dissipate heat quickly and effectively, no worries about built up heat on this product as it stayed cool even after continues fire of more than 100 rounds. The material used to make this is a heat stabilized nylon proprietary mixture which makes it super light at 4.5 ozs but super strong, able to hold up to 220 lbs.

Now the best part, besides being light, ergonomic, tough, built-in America is  you can get it for around 40 dollars, that’s right I said around 40 dollars! ‘MERICA!

you can find them on the web at www. check them out.

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