One Mag, 8 Calibers, Learn How, Then Say Wow

One Mag to rule them all? Shawn sits down with Ryan Ross of RZE (Ross & Zheng Engineering) the makers of the UniMag. The UniMag looks like a standard 30-round AR magazine, but it has a clever follower design that pivots to allow it to adapt a variety of cartridges. It can be used 8 different cartridges that include .223 / 5.56mm (30 rnds), .300 Blackout (30 rnds), .204 Ruger (30 rnds), 5.45X39mm (29 rnds), 6.8 SPC (26 rnds), 7.62X39mm (25 rnds), 6.5 Grendel (24 rnds), 458 SOCOM (12 rnds).

Check out Shawn getting an in-depth look at the up and coming product.

Note: This is not a review, just a product that caught our eye. Inclusion in this video does not represent a product opinion from WLS.