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Rebel Silencers

Rebel Silencers and We Like Shooting have teamed up
and we are giving away an SOS-Hunter 30 cal suppressor!

*Valued at $249. You will need to pay for your tax stamp.
To be given away on the We Like Shooting show!

You may enter once per day!

It’s easy to win, just follow the steps below. It’s so easy, even Rhody can do it!

Step 1

Like us on Facebook!

Like both pages!

Step 2

Fill out the form below. Once you click submit, you’ll automatically be entered.


GIVEAWAY Terms and Conditions

Age Restriction, Background Check, Proof of Age and Local Laws Apply to ALL Applicable prizes.

This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook Inc. or any of their affiliated holdings.

All prizes given away are firearm accessories and not known by We Like Shooting, Inc. to be illegal to own in any of the contiguous United States. If this is a controlled item it will only be transferred through an FFL (Local Licensed Firearm Dealer). Firearms will ONLY go to a state and owner where it is legal to possess and own the firearms won. All applicable background checks apply. This is not a bypass or loophole to any law or restriction. This is not a mail order firearm and will be transferred according to all local and federal laws. You are required to understand your local laws in entering this drawing for both age and local restrictions. The item will be transferred by FFL to FFL and will be treated in a fashion of purchasing a gun from that manufacturer without any transfer of funds.

No Cash Value can be substituted for any awarded prize and all prizes are only deliverable to the winner drawn and can not be awarded to a friend, relative or acquaintance. If you do not meet and/or understand the above requirements a new winner will be redrawn, age verification is required to We Like Shooting, Inc. LLC as well as the FFL that you pick up the firearm at along with all required/eligible background checks. Winner assumes responsibility for all transfer fees for the firearm. We Like Shooting, Inc. assumes no responsibility of the firearm once it transfers from our possession through BATFE approved FFL.

In order to receive all of the participating sites must be “Liked” or “Followed”, instead of spending money on marketing the participating companies are giving things away to gain popularity. Welcome to the way the world works, nothing is truly free, just significantly cheaper this way.

You must be at least 21 years of age. We will require you to send us a photo ID with a name that matches your entry. That being said, we aren’t asking for much. You can enter as many times as you like for the duration of the contest (once per every 24 hours) to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be chosen at random by a means at the sole discretion of We Like Shooting, Inc. LLC.

The winner will be asked to sign a release of liability, these products are all produced by manufacturers and shipped via We Like Shooting, Inc. LLC and fall under all warranties and coverages outlined by the individual companies.

Guns are inherently dangerous, they can be lethal if not handled properly as well as injure people if they malfunction. We are in no way invested in, owned by, or affiliated with any of these companies. We do not believe that anything we are sending you on behalf of these companies to be unsafe, but we have to cover our butts.

How To Enter:

Follow steps 1 & 2 for the giveaway. The submission of your information is and will only be used for We Like Shooting, Inc. LLC giveaways as well as an opt in for future news and announcements from We Like Shooting, Inc. LLC and participating sponsors.

You must like or follow ALL the sponsor social media accounts listed with the entry form. The company names are all linked to their FaceBook and Instagram pages. We are trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone!

Entrant agrees to allow us to share their email address with the giveaway partners.

Terms blatantly borrowed from FourGuysGuns. Hi guys.