WLS Patreon Fitness Challenge





Buy in must be paid on or before weigh in day, April 16, 2017. Buy in price $25.

Competition starts on TBD. You must PM Steve Reyeswith a picture of buy in receipt and also a picture of you, on a scale, showing your starting weight. All weights will be recorded.

Every two weeks we will have an optional check in where we can update our weights and keep track of progress throughout the competition.

Fitness challenge lasts for 3 months. Final weigh out date will be another mandatory weigh out with picture on the SAME scale used for weigh in showing your final ending weight on July 16, 2017.

Weights will be scored by percentage of mass lost, not by total poundage. For example, if your starting weight is 240 pounds, and ending weight is 223 pounds, your percentage mass lost would be 7.083%. There will be three winners of highest percentage loss with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize divided proportionately (We’ll know total prize pot amounts when everyone is entered…then more people who join, the bigger the pot). Money will be awarded back to individual from the initial buy in pot, WITH the stipulation that the winning money will be spent on items from WLS sponsors. You can buy ammo from JCAA, a rubber dummy, patches from Patriot Patch Co., Transformer rail from Manticore etc…just have to use the money for something WLS sponsor related to keep it fun!

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