MT6 – Que-9


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Codename: Que-9

El K9, err Que-9 es altamente entrenado y probablemente más inteligente que la mayoría de los draggers de nudillos. Que-9 es una parte integral del equipo. Puede oler aceleradores, explosivos, narcóticos, rastrear y acabar con los malos y buscar y rescatar. Que-9 se unió al equipo cuando King lo encontró como un cachorro durante una operación anti-cartel al sur de la frontera. Que-9 solo habla español y nunca abandona el lado de King.

(The K9, err Que-9 is highly trained and probably smarter than most knuckle draggers.  Que-9 is an integral part of the team. He can sniff out accelerants, explosives, narcotics, track and take down bad guys and search and rescue. Que-9 joined the team when he was found by King as a pup during an anti-cartel operation south of the border. Que-9 only speaks Spanish and never leaves King’s side.)

This set includes 2 patches and 2 stickers. Patches (measured on the circle) are ~3″.

*Part of a limited run. This patch will be limited to 150 made. Don’t miss out.

*We’ll be launching a new set every other week!

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