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Civilian Medical 1

This class is for civilian students that understand the world is a dangerous place. Medical skills are imperative to round out an individual skill set. Whether reacting to a household accident, the aftermath of an active killer incident, bombing or other traumatic incident we will ensure that you are prepared to react. This is not a basic first aid class and only covers traumatic injuries and treatments.

*This class is not for those with weak stomachs.
Disturbing videos and imagery are used.

Civilian Medical 1 discusses

  • Situational treatment strategies and phases of care.
  • Medical protocols
  • How to assess and treat symptoms common in traumatic injuries, such as:
  • Massive hemorrhaging
  • Airway
  • Respiration
  • Circulation
  • Head Injury / Hypothermia
  • Proper application of tourniquets.
  • Wound packing Discussion and recommendations for trauma kits

*No invasive interventions are taught in this class, such as:

  • Needle thoracostomy
  • Cricothyroidotomy Etc.

The class consists of lecture, practical exercises and scenario train where students will put their skills into mock practice on fellow classmates and instructors.

Minimum age of 18 years old. This is a medical class and there will be touching during treatment practical exercises and scenarios. Please keep this in mind. Due to the travel and material costs, no refunds allowed.

WLS Med Kits

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Civilian Medical
Average rating:  
 65 reviews
by Sean on Civilian Medical

If you're going to have firearms training, you should have first aid training. It's not as sexy, but it's far more practical and likely to be used. This was a great course on the basics of emergency first aid and focused on treating conditions that will cause death rapidly. Keeping them alive until help arrives was the name of the game. The course was well conducted and I enjoyed the numerous real world examples without the politics or fear mongering that can occur. The last 2 hours of practicals was great but all focused on mass casualty incidents. It was informative regarding how you might react and the tendency to get overwhelmed quickly, but maybe not realistic for most people. If time permits, more realistic examples of someone getting shot at the range and you're first on scene or someone being unconscious in the mall probably simulates what we will likely face better. Overall, you should definitely take this course. For the pice of 200 rounds these days, you can gain a good understanding of how to provide emergency care in a horrible situation. Hard to think of how you could spend your money better.

by Hunter on Civilian Medical

This class was absolutely fantastic and covered a lot of essential material in an engaging manner. I feel I definitely walked away with a lot of valuable knowledge that may very well help save my own or someone else's life one day. Knowing First Aid is a basic skill that I believe everyone should have and this class is a great way to build that skill with a cost point that should be within most people's budget. Can't thank Shawn enough and I'm certain I'll be coming back to take more classes in the future.

by Brad on Civilian Medical

Such an great class with a great instructor. Highly recommend to anyone. Shawn does a great job of not only teaching how to do something but why to do it as well. the scenarios are great, and really put you to the test on how you will perform mentally as well as the skills learned in class. I came out of the class confident in my abilities. I will definitely be taking another one of Shawn's classes, worth every penny!

by Zach R on Civilian Medical

The class is very well paced, and by the end of it you have a fantastic understanding of what to do, and what you can do, to help people out in an emergency. The most useful class you can take as a gun owner beyond a basic firearms safety class, and one you are far more likely to use.

by Adam Ullrich on Civilian Medical

The class was awesome and Shawn was awesome too. You've gotta take the time and do it. Highly recommended.

by Kyler on Civilian Medical

Amazing class. Shawn is a top notch instructor who took the time to make sure everyone felt welcomed in his class. I am very happy with the knowledge that he shared as well as the skills that I learned from him. Will definitely be attended more of his courses in the future.

by Janet Salathiel on Civilian Medical

Great class. It really up dated and added to my nursing and CERT training.

by Steve on Civilian Medical

Fantastic class. I learned a lot and want to take it again in the future. Highly recommended.

by Ryan W on Civilian Medical

This was an excellent class. Shawn combines humor, an incredible knowledge base with a genuine love of teaching. I'm excited to take future classes.

by David Eddleman on Civilian Medical

Wonderful class. I've taken a lot of different medical training courses in my time and Shawn has a unique way of approaching things. Rather than inundate you in PowerPoint Hell, his briefings are short, to the point, and he engages with you. The scenarios at the end really helped to point out flaws in thinking and gaps in training and both give you a chance to learn from them and figure out where you want to go from there in the future. It's all stuff applied from real-world events and various "what-if" scenarios.

by Drew R. on Civilian Medical

This is by far one of, if not THE best class I've ever taken. The classes I took when I was younger were so dry and boring, it was hard to pay attention. This one is great, interactive and Shawn makes the subject matter fun and easily understandable. If college had been this much fun, I'd probably have a masters degree by now.

by Lee on Civilian Medical

Shawn uses the classrom time to get to the point, here is the info to save a life in the event of traumatic injury. No endless droning just engaging and relevant info then the real learning begins, practical application scenarios. These scenarios allow you to work through what you have just learned in a stressfull but fun and safe environment.

Thanks man!

by Scott on Civilian Medical

This class is something that everyone should go through! Its amazing information, and very well taught. There is hands on and classroom learning and all of it is applicable to everyday life. I highly recommend.

Thanks Scott, hope your arms grew back!

by Daniel soligny on Civilian Medical

Extremely informative!!
Everyone needs to take this class
Can’t wait for CM2!!!
Shawn makes this class very fun and it was great!
I think everyone who wants to get medical traning should take this class really makes you think!!

Thanks man!

by Steve on Civilian Medical

Outstanding course! Shawn does a great job sharing his extensive knowledge of medical knowledge. The class is presented in a logical and digestible manner. This course goes over techniques and research justifications of the how and why but it also goes over the mindset necessary for traumatic situations. The course had a great flow of hands on training and discussion based classroom learning. The take home materials are an excellent way to continue to brush up on the information presented.

I have taken several trauma courses in the past (Military and Civilian) but Shawn’s course was the best basic trauma course that I have ever taken and would recommend the course to all levels especially those who are looking for a solid foundation.

by Z. Hester on Civilian Medical

I attended this class for the second time, and came away with a lot more confidence in my abilities. The amount of information that's presented during the class can be overwhelming. I feel I was better able to focus on the really important parts the second time around.

Shawn provides a great classroom environment. You can tell he puts a lot of time and effort into this class. His passion to pass along life-saving knowledge makes the class 100% worth the time and money investment.

I'll be returning for future classes.

by Ken Davis on Civilian Medical

Excellent class with informative hands on training! Shawn took the time to explain why he does what he does. He takes students with little to no medical experience and shows them that they can be an integral part of helping to save a life . Which can be a positive and powerful experience. By taking his class I feel that I have the necessary skills and mindset to help save a life. I would recommend this class to any and all persons wanting to learn a skill that is beneficial to all people around you in your everyday life.

by mje on Civilian Medical

Class was informative and beneficial to understanding how we can all be better helpers when people need medical attention. Shawn keeps the class moving well, and the exercise/practical portion of the class is outstanding. Well worth the money, and I will absolutely train with him more.

by John Newman on Civilian Medical

I took the civilian stop bleeding class on the 29th of December, the class was.....amazing! The great part about the class is that you don't need first aid experience to enroll. Our instructor Shawn Herrin made you feel welcome and at ease the second you step in the door. This isn't a normal class where you sit and talk about something and then move on, 3 hours later the class is over. Mr. Herrin discusses a subject and then takes you out of class to experience it hands on. You go back into class learn more about stopping a bleed and then you are back out of class experiencing it first hand. Mr. Herrin was very patient and very understanding of each individuals experience level. He helps you through each scenario, letting you know what you are doing right and what you can improve while you are experiencing it first hand. After class I spent the night and next day thinking about what I learned and how it has changed the way I look at my everyday choices. I am eager to take the class again!! Thank you Mr. Herrin

by David Alexander on Civilian Medical

This class exceeded my already high expectations. It was extremely informative, fun and challenging. With so many questions being asked and answered our classroom portion ran over time. Instead of cutting the day short, we jumped into the practical exercises and ran late instead, thanks for going the extra mile Shawn! I learned a ton and will definitely be taking this class again and again.

by Mike Leleua on Civilian Medical

2nd time I have taken this class in as many years. The class has evolved greatly. Streamlined in some aspects. More information added the scenarios improved. This is truly a growing thing. Shawn does an amazing job covering a mountain of information in little time while making it very easy to comprehend and retain. This is definitely the most important class that you can take. I intended to make it the one class I take annually.

by Z. Hester on Civilian Medical

I just attended my first medical class with Shawn. His instruction, guidance, and hands-on exercises made this an incredible class. This knowledge and practice is indescribably valuable for anyone. Shawn is a really pragmatic instructor. He understands the pressure you would face in a situation that might require application of immediate life-saving procedures. This keeps the lessons simple and to-the-point.

Basic first aid and CPR training are better than nothing. But the skills you learn in this class take you from being a mildly helpful bystander to critical life-saver. I put off taking this class for way too long. I'll be back for more classes.

by Threefold Defensive Training on Civilian Medical

I want to thank Shawn for the best medical class I have ever taken! He was able to keep everyone in class locked in and having a good time learning. As an instructor I will now be better able to care for my students if an emergency comes up on the range until help arrives. As a husband and father I feel much more capable of dealing with family emergencies. If you value your or your families safety then you need to seriously consider attending this informative and hands on course.

by K Sills on Civilian Medical

Awesome class, learned a ton and had a great time doing it. Will be taking again!

by ReiKo on Civilian Medical

This class is awesome, you will not find another class that is so easy to learn in. Also you will be engaged throughout the course on the material you have been taught. Which in return will help you learn the key steps in applying medical training. Don't be afraid to take it, you will gain knowledge to help save someone's life or even your own.

by K cook on Civilian Medical

Loved the class, the information was great and the hands on was exciting and challenging.

by Thomas leeth on Civilian Medical

Shawn is a great instructor. Brought even the complicated parts of the lesson, to a manageable level of understanding. The class was a great combination of lecture and senarios. Giving you enough of an understanding to know what to do without overly complicating itself. Blue alpha gear were great hosts. Definitely looking forward to visiting both again.

by Clint Swartzlander on Civilian Medical

This is absolutely worth the time, money, and effort. We covered how to assess a medical emergency and provide care for mass hemorrhaging trauma. Class content is easily understandable for a non-medical professional and is taught from the perspective of the average gun-loving civilian. The drills and exercises performed in the class compliment the learning modules quite well.

Also, the class thoroughly covers how to use all of the tools included in the WLS Medical Kit as well as how to improvise tools from items on-hand. Having completed the class, I feel much more comfortable providing medical care both to myself and to others in need.

by Leo on Civilian Medical

Great class with a knowledgeable instructor.

by James on Civilian Medical

Awesome class, I didn't know what I was getting into, but I learned a ton, and actually feel a little confident that I could use the items that are in the WLS Medkit that I bought nine months ago. Shawn does a great job of keeping you engaged, and has you actually practice the things that he is talking about.

by Chris White on Civilian Medical

This is a great class.
The class is long but the instructor does well to keep your attention and to engage you. There are lots of hand on partions so that you can really practice what you are being taught. All in all it's a great class I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

by Daniel DiPrima on Civilian Medical

This class is an absolute must. If you are a living human being, and/or have other living human beings that you care for, TAKE THIS CLASS. We are all walking around in relatively fragile skin suits with a finite amount of life juice in us – it's imperative that we learn what to do in case something happens to those suits/juices.

Shawn does a really great job of passing on a huge amount of knowledge in a way that both makes sense and sticks – even to noobs like me. And he makes sure don't leave without having some quite memorable hands-on experiences to help you feel more confident in your ability to apply that knowledge should you need to in the future.

Highly recommend!!

by Victor R on Civilian Medical

LIFE SAVING CLASS! I went into this class thinking its just 8 hours will just learn basics, little more that first aid. Pleased to say was so very wrong. Instructor was engaging, and very knowledgeable. Highly impressed with the real world scenarios, and hands on learning you dont get many places. Highly recommend this class! It quite literally could be the difference between you or your loved one living or dying.

by Rodin on Civilian Medical

Awesome class and super fun! I highly recommend everyone to get out and take this course. As a person who goes to the range daily, I always wanted to take some kind of medical course. After taking it, I've come to the realization that EVERYBODY should take medical training.

by Nate P on Civilian Medical

Amazing class. Shawn does a fantastic job making you feel comfortable asking any questions. I learned a lot and makes me think about situations and different ways to handle them. I would take this class again in a heart beat.

by Sean Cooper on Civilian Medical

The medical class was awesome and fun, Shawn really knows how to engage in class. I enjoy the way he went about teaching in the beginning half and how he used exercises to show us the stuff we learned. Highly recommend this class to anyone looking for Medical Training

by Russell on Civilian Medical

Awesome class! No matter your background and experience level, you will learn from this class. Getting education and practical training specifically related to traumatic injury is a must if you are involved in shooting sports and a good idea for any civilian that wants to be prepared. Instructor and materials were top notch. Teaching style is direct and informative but also approachable and not intimidating. Plan to continue more training through WLS.

by Jared Noble on Civilian Medical

Absolutely essential tool for every shooter's toolkit. I've shot competitively for the last two years and have know that medical training was something that I absolutely should take but had not found a class that fit into my schedule(bad reason....I know). At the end of the day, I'm glad that I waited. Shawn puts on an amazing class. The information is presented in an easy to absorb format and is all relative to the subject matter with little excess. Being able to practice the application of tourniquets, wound packing, and the live demo of a nasopharyngeal airway was awesome. The practicals were a great addition to the course. Even knowing it was a practice drill, having to get into the situation, assess what was happening, preform the necessary actions, and keep aware of everything that was happening was still quite stressful.
TL:DR - Awesome Class, Instructor, and Material

by Tate Mesman on Civilian Medical

Amazing class, it was fun yet very educational, the hands on was the best part. I will definitely be taking this class again.

by Kenny Ortega on Civilian Medical

As a former police officer and CPR / First Aid instructor, this class went far beyond all that I had learned previously. The scenarios that were used cause you to think outside the norm and in ways that are real in the world today. Learning to think outside the box can help you save lives, but more importantly, they can help you stay alive to help. Great class.

by Robbie B. on Civilian Medical

This was an excellent course! Shawn kept the class very well engaged; he conducted the class with a very active teaching format, allowing plenty of time for student questions and practical in-class demonstrations of the techniques in the discussion. Retention was excellent as a result of the demonstrations being shown immediately in the classroom portion, and then reinforced in a separate class portion. Explanations were very concise and clear, simplifying medical concepts to a level suitable for those without a medical background.

One particular item of note was the instructor's attention to safety concerns for first responders. We know this is absolutely critical, and its emphasis was appreciated. The scenarios in the class reflected this emphasis, and students were forced to think on their feet to ensure that scenes were safe to work with.

Shawn was also very receptive to feedback regarding the course. I would recommend this class for any person who wishes to be well-versed in the fundamentals of being the first responder, especially those who are just beginning to approach medical concepts beyond basic first aid. Shawn creates a friendly and relaxed learning environment, which is critical for retention, and places the safety of his students above all else.

by E Jensen on Civilian Medical

I cannot recommend this class enough - it was excellent! The TCCC/TECC skills and "hands on" practice that this class provides is unique and essential for every firearms owner and individual who is serious about safety. I will be signing up for Civilian Medical 2 as soon as it is offered.

by Jon Ryland on Civilian Medical

Civilian medical 1, is a must for anyone needing the education to assist others and save lives in a emergency situation. Shawn is engaging, personable and makes the class very enjoyable and interesting throughout. I strongly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in treating trauma injuries or responding emergencies/ accidents. The “hands on” practicals are awesome and very effective teaching method. Great Class, great instructor, throw in some of the WLS Crew makes this class awesome.

by Jeremy Gill on Civilian Medical

Prior to taking Civilian Medical I with Shawn Herrin, I had ZERO medical training. I did the typical YouTube school and watched some videos from reputable people on how to apply a TQ, use QuikClot, and the importance of chest seals. Going into the class I knew that there were probably going to be some things that I did not know and that I would learn a good bit of life-saving information. Both of those turned out to be an understatement.
If you carry a gun on your person every day, or some days, or have people that you care about, and you haven't received this training, you're setting yourself up for failure. We carry a gun on us for the unlikely event that we will need it to save someone's life. Shouldn't you have some training and skills that are specifically tailored to saving someone's life?!

Shawn does an excellent job of starting off slow enough to not lose anyone before 10:00 am while challenging students to the point that they must be an active participant in class. The material is well thought out and flows very well. Before you know it it's time for a working lunch, and you'll soon be wrist deep in simulated blood and pork shoulder.

The practicals are really where this class earns it salt. It is highly evident that Shawn has put countless hours into developing and re-working the scenarios that students are put through.

At the end of the day, you can decide to take this class, or one day regret that you didn't. You won't be disappointed and you'll gain life-saving emergency trauma training.

by Scott Poet on Civilian Medical

Civilian Medical 1 is a MUST have for anyone who wants to be able to help save someone's life in the event of severe trauma. This is NOT a 1st aid class. You won't learn how to put on Band Aids or clean a minor cut. You will however learn how to apply a tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding. You will learn how to pack a wound that does not allow tourniquet for use. You will go through mock scenarios where you are the 1st responder and have to assess the situation and provide care while waiting for EMS. This was a very thorough class that provides a lot of hands-on practical exercises. Shawn and his crew did a great job! I highly recommend taking Civilian Medical 1.

by Michelle Kopinski on Civilian Medical

My husband and I took this Civilian Medical 1 class when it was held in Illiinois. This was not our first civilian medical/trauma aid class that we have taken but it was the best one. I am an RN and even being a healthcare professional I gained a lot of knowledge from this class. There were a couple of things that really stood out and made this class superior to other civilian medical/trauma aid classes. The first was the wound packing. I have packed many wounds in my day and easily completed this task in a previous class on a dummy...that being said, this class uses meat and has a system to simulate active bleeding which definitely ups the difficulty level and requires attention allowing you to learn the skill similar to how it would be in a real life situation. The second thing that really stood out is the fact that actual scenarios are run to simulate events that require you to use the assessment skills and training that you have learned in the class, which is something I haven't seen in other classes. I could say so many good things about this class but I'm not writing a book:-). Overall I recommend this class for everyone. The training, skills, and knowledge learned in this class were far above and beyond what I have seen in other similar classes. M. Kopinski BSN, RN

by Kristen on Civilian Medical

If you have ever seen a car crash, work with machinery, are into outdoor sports or activities or just understand that things happen in this world that are dangerous, this is a class you should take. You'll be able to help in an emergency medical situation until EMT/EMS can arrive on scene. This is potentially life saving information that never hurts to have. This class has not only class room lessons but also physical lessons. You'll even participate in real world examples where you will have a chance to be "medic" and a "victim" so you'll have a better understanding of how to react in such situations. The instructor was informative and made sure that everyone understood the material and could apply it as well. Definitely worth taking if you ever want to be able to help out in an emergency situation.

by Gean wright on Civilian Medical

Fantastic class! The class was full of a ton of great information that was super up to date and full of real world examples. Breaking up the slide show information with practical hands on demos really makes they day go by super fast. You get so much info and you feel like you just got started. The end of the day is spent putting together all of the skills you have learned into mock real world situations. Those lead to a higher level of stress and really make you apply the lessons that were learned through out the day. I can't recommend this class enough, it was absolutely awesome.

by Erik W on Civilian Medical

This is a great class. I have taken it twice about 9 months apart. The class is always improving and evolving. The most important part of the class is the instructor. Shawn can change and adapt his teaching style to the audience needs, can explain why he is directing things to occur in a certain way, wants and desires feedback.

The hands on practical is critical. Take the class and when it comes back again take it as an alumni for $50 and you will learn even more.

by Ron Carter on Civilian Medical

Shawn's Civilian Medical class is extremely valuable and well presented. It shocked me how up to speed he is on even the smallest details. If you own a firearm or want real-world life saving education this a fantastic class to take.

by Ron Johnson on Civilian Medical

I took this class with some hesitation (never like "first aid" stuff). After the first 10 minutes, I was hooked! Shawn is a great instructor by making it interesting, easy to understand, and fun. I have sat through the class twice now, and looking forward to doing it again!

by Marcel Krueger on Civilian Medical

We (River Valley Arms and Ammo in Minnesota) cosponsored the civilian medical I class this summer and i was very impressed with the class.
I am an EMT with experience in this type of medical training and this is BY FAR the best, most put together civilian medical training I have seen. The information in this class gives ANYONE the knowledge and training to help save lives.
Shawn is a fantastic instructor that presents material in a way that gets through to students from any background, medical training or someone who has no experience in it.

by Mike Leleua on Civilian Medical

Civilian Medical 1 via Kenaz Tactical Group. I had initially taken this class because I have two young children. I made the decision 6 years ago to carry to protect them. Carrying for defense is only a small portion of that though. I chose this class as it was hosted by KTG. To be honest it was the most in depth, affordable, and easily accessible class I could find.

The information given is presented very well. It's more than obvious Shawn is well versed in the subject. Takes this class very seriously. I appreciate that. Everything from his presentation to the scenarios is well thought out and incredibly well carried out.

The scenarios do an amazing job at creating stress. The first scenario sidelined me. I didn't realize how effective it would in conveying how ill prepared I was going into the class.

This honestly the one class I will take every year. As well as the first class I would recommend anyone take when going for firearms training. The class is constantly evolving. You can really see that Shawn puts all his effort into making this the best class he can every time.

by John J on Civilian Medical

This is an awesome class, Shawn makes it very easy to understand

by Jose Ramirez on Civilian Medical

I have taken this class 3 times and this class becomes more realistic for me every time. I will definitely take this class again and again. Shawn is very professional, and with English being my second language I was able to understand everything he teaches very clearly. Thank you Shawn for a great class, see you next time!

by Andy Montoya on Civilian Medical

I have attended Shawn's medical class twice, and both times I gained even more confidence in being able to confidently use these skills to help save myself, a loved one, or even a complete stranger in their most medical times of need. Shawn's method of teaching really helps you obtain the knowledge you need to retain everything you learn. Beyond firearms, this is the most important life saving training you will ever find. My advice, go sign up and then sign up a friend and family member. You truly wont regret paying a little now to save a lot later! #WLSISLIFE

by Paul Saavedra on Civilian Medical

The best training experience I've had hands down. Beyond being "TCCC" certified the Instructors were extremely helpful and awesome to work with. This course offers all aspects of training in a seamless and effective manner. Combining a intuitive presentation along with hands on simulation with as close to the real thing application coupled with adrenaline pumping live action scenarios. Did I mention "TCCC" certified. After this class you'll be yelling "FROM THE ROOF TOPS" how awesome it is, "AT THE END OF THE DAY" i give this class "171" percent and look forward to future classes.
Thanks and Shoot Straight.

by Alan pogue on Civilian Medical

This course is combat medic approved. I volunteered to be trained as an Army combat medic and to serve with the combat infantry in Vietnam in 1967-68, AMERICAL-198th Lt; Inf.. The one packed day of instruction in the practical application of the latest technology and then the real world scenarios we worked through were worth more than two weeks of Army training. This is very specific training for people immediately on a scene where people are bleeding out and/or can't breathe due to trauma. When seconds count this training will save lives. You owe it to yourself and others to take advantage of this class. You also learn team work with others like yourself who know in their hearts they can't just stand around and watch someone die when a small amount of the correct knowledge, correctly applied, will save them. Might save yourself as well.

by Evan Morris on Civilian Medical

A very effective class. Shawn presents the material well, and is very
Down to earth. Packing the deep penetration wound with real tissue and fake blood was great. You really knew you'd done it. The
Live action scenarios were tense enough to feel real, even when there were a few humorous elements. I would recommend this class to anyone who want's to be prepared for the worst, has the
Gear, but needs some real instruction in how to use it effectively!

by Shawn Kopinski on Civilian Medical

I have been to 3 different med classes this year and this one was far and away the best class I've had.

The senarios that Shawn runs are a game changer. No one else does this around here. I would recommend this class to anyone who want to learn how to take care of major traumas that may happen.

by Ben Schniedewind on Civilian Medical

This was my first time taking this class. I have previously taken many SABC classes through the USAF. However nothing that i have ever encountered compares to the practical application training of the Civilian Medical 1 class. The class was super valuable for me and was some of the greatest training I have ever received. It allowed me to gain a very realistic perspective on how to react and act in whatever situation we had thrown at us. Also getting thrown into those scenarios really brings out the leadership and followership qualities of folks and yourself. Highly recommended course for anyone of any medical experience level. AT THE END OF THE DAY it is by far one of the best courses I have taken and fully intend of going back again to get more education and practice.

by Adelbett on Civilian Medical

Huge thank yous to all the folks that were involved in the coordination of this course. Attending the Civ-Med I course was well worth the price of admission.

If you are looking for some straightforward, real world applicable trauma training you have to get in this class. The program was much, much more than just a power point presentation of "do this and don't do that." Throughout the day so many aspects of traumatic injuries are discussed that I can legitimately say this isn't a program someone attends to just get another certificate to hang on the wall. You'll find out right off the bat that the folks involved in the content and development of the class are the kind of people that eat, breathe and think soberly and spiritually about what they are sharing there. With that in mind when you do spend a day learning more than you'll likely be able to remember, show up ready as a team player and have an open mind about what you are going to take away with you. I was pretty amazed at how the discussions, classroom interaction and practical exercises changed my thinking of what I wanted from the course. Oh and wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty! Sounds like a pretty good time for any old Saturday to me.

Lastly I want to share that any time this class is in my area I will attend it again. The good folks that are involved in here are great and the need for responsible medical training for the world as it is now means no excuses! I have no doubt the experience will be one that you'll tell your friends about.

by Judson Crossland on Civilian Medical

I have taken this class multiple times and fell like it is one of the best civilian Medical classes out there. The class is broken up into discussion, practical applications and scenario based training. The Discussions with the instructors and students really bring a lot of leaning to the class while the practical applications help students apply what is taught in the discussions. At the end of the day, the scenario based training is where myself as a student learned the most. We were able to take all the knowledge I had learned in the class and practicals and actually apply them to several real life scenarios such as a bombing or a mass shooting. I can not recommend this class enough for any civilian that wants to be prepared should they find themselves in a crisis and need to respond before the EMTs get there.

by Peter on Civilian Medical

Beyond educational, this class was a hell of a lot of fun. Friends were made, and skills were learned and developed. I left feeling like more of an asset to society than when I walked in.

Thanks! At the end of the day...

by Tim Mattson on Civilian Medical

Great class and exactly what I was looking for! This isn't a Red Cross first aid class that only covers how to properly apply a Baid-Aid for a minor cut. This trauma class covered a wide variety of what a person needs to know to provide life saving care for loved ones. YOU need to be a first responder. Waiting for police or EMT's to show up can take too long. The class was very well laid out, and hands on. FIVE STARS!

Thanks so much Tim, it was a pleasure having you.