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K-9 Security Deterrent Systems

K-9 Security Deterrent Systems

Dogs have been man’s best friend since the time Ugh Strange was throwing rocks. But for full disclosure, I am a cat person. Recently I had a chance to ask Jimmy Lawrence of K-9 Security Deterrent ( about how he uses his K-9 system to help keep people and locations safe.


WLS: In terms of “Deterrence”, is it better for an organization, like a school, to announce that you are going to be at the prom, or is it better for the kids to arrive and find the unit unannounced? 

K-9: The term Deterrent is used to let people know the system is to prevent anyone from trying to bring illegal substances, weapons or explosives into the structure.

We feel the decision to announce the unit at the function should be made by the folks in charge. Our suggestion is to make the kids aware to deter in advance but also let them know the dog handler team will not be detecting just one scent.

WLS: When screening for something like guns at a school, do you typically check every person or only a random selection?

K-9: We feel that every person that enters the structure should be required to pass thru the system. Staff, students, and parents. If more than one entrance is needed we can accommodate.

WLS: How long can a dog work before it needs a break?

K-9: The dog typically can work 30 to 45 minutes at at time, so depending on the need for the function dogs and handlers are assigned.

WLS: How often (if ever) have their been false positives?  If you have false positives, for which products do they happen most often for?  (Drugs, guns, etc.)

K-9: We do regular testing with the dog handler teams to insure as low as a 3% false positive percentage rate. Every testing session is recorded. We also use two dog teams, one to detect and another to confirm the first alert, this also helps to rotate the dogs to keep them from over use. Giving the dogs time to rest.

WLS: Can these result be used as evidence in legal proceedings?

K-9: The system can also be upgraded with video recording of every person going in thru and coming out of the unit, we feel this could be used in court at the discretion of the legal council.

WLS: How long does it take to train a dog to be ready for this duty?

K-9: Our goal is to hire wounded warrior vets and retired police handlers who may have kept their dogs after service. These dogs are already trained and only need testing on a regular basis, but typically 4 to 6 months depending on the how well the dog performs with the handler and detecting the scent in a timely manner.

WLS: How to you select your dogs, what traits are best for this type of duty?

K-9: We look for a high drive for searching and going to the source, we also look for a dog with a good demeanor in crowds, around children and the stamina of the dog during scent detection work.

WLS: What breeds are best?

K-9: Blood hounds, German Shepherds, Belgium Mals, Labradors.

WLS: How do you care for your dogs?

K-9: The dogs are care for by the handler and live with them, the dogs are treated just as we would our own children, with love, respect and care.

WLS: Does one dog work solely with one handler?

K-9: We like to have it that way but sometimes the circumstances call for another handler to use a different dog, Each handler is taught to watch the dog look for his signal of the scent the handler goal is to read the dog.

WLS: What parts of the country do your provide services?

K-9: We have provided services in the Philippines to several companies and events there. None as of yet in the USA.

WLS: Do you own firearms?

K-9: Yes

WLS: What is the lifespan, working span of a dog? and what happens when one of your dogs retires?

K-9: That is the great thing about our system, these retired dogs can work as long as they are able, the work is not as hard on them as in police or military work. We want to get handler and dog working as much as they would like.

WLS: Your system uses an enclosure that captures blown air from an individual to the dog, how many people can go though this system at one time, and how long does it take per person?

K-9: The system you see on our website is built to handle 500 people, with and average of 50 seconds per person, based on how the structure is set up and how the people will be entering the structure. We like to go out and do an assessment of the grounds and the structure entrances, we like to build the units to fit the needs of the event and the structure. We can handle more as needed, once the assessment has been completed, we then give our suggestions on how the setup should be and the cost.

Our purpose is two things help save lives and employ our vets and retired police handlers and dogs. We are also asking the NRA, gun manufacturers, ammo manufactures, Wal-mart, Bass Pro shops and any other gun retailer or hunting organization to help sponsor the units needed and our vets to help protect our children in local schools, These sponsors Logo will be proudly shown on the outside of the unit to show the parents and children they care about their safety in school. We want to bring anti-gun folks and Second amendment believers together for one cause to keep illegal weapons and drugs out of the schools.

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Aaron has worked in advertising and marketing for more than 15 years for such companies as Ford, The Sports Authority, the NHL and many others. He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. Aaron lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and three children.

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