Can Can Concealment – SHOT Show 2016 This is not a review, just a product that caught our eye. Inclusion in this video does not represent a product opinion from WLS.

il_fullxfull.599238737_5vpj[1]We met up with the Billy Mays of women’s concealed carry at SHOT Show 2016. Her pitch almost had me buy one, haha!

Can Can Concealment offers options for concealed carry for women. They offer “safe sexy holsters” that are “tactical, practical and pretty”. Construction is military grade woven elastic and the inside has medical grade silicon “tacti-grip” to keep it in position. It’s worn under ALL clothing. Interesting to note that there are magnets inside the gun pockets to hold the gun in.

Women dress differently than men, I think we are all thankful for that. The physical differences and differences in clothing create a complex conundrum for women to solve. While it remains to be seen how this conceals on our writers in different types of clothing I think we can all agree that the more options women have, the better.

I believe Lil has talked about these a couple of times before. The product, and marketing, appear to be very polished. Hope we can get one in for Lil to try out!

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Shawn Herrin

As a certified NRA instructor, fervent shooter and IPSC competitor, safe, responsible, ethical and legal gun use are my passions. Whether handloading, practicing, studying or reviewing items, I am constantly focused on guns and shooting. Staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and very proud American.


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