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Our look at the ATI OMNI Hybrid AR-15 .410

Our look at the ATI OMNI Hybrid AR-15 .410


Aside from playing slots indoor facing my computer(click here to play) I also have interest with guns. Recently I had a chance to run the Omni Hybrid 410 semi-auto shotgun, and I have to say I have mixed feelings about this rifle and am really pleased to flush out those feelings with you, the reader… because feelings…

Let’s start off with the basics and my expectations of what I really liked about the Omni Hybrid, it comes in an AR platform. There are a lot of shotguns out there, semi-auto and pump in .410, but the having the benefit of being based off the AR platform gives you the versatility out of the box to adjust your stock or the number of rounds it can hold, from five to fifteen without having to buy an extended magazine tube.

The magazine is the same size as an AR chambered in .556 nato or 300 blackout, so a quick upper swap and the lower is compatible with either.

Now let’s look at the reality of the rifle,

The specs say the Omni comes with a 13-inch custom keymod rail, but in reality of that 13-inch custom keymod rail, only about 6 inches at the end our available to use, the rest is covered internally with panels. So yes to bipod, forend grip, lights etc. Just nothing mountable behind that area, and to be honest, I rarely if ever mount anything that far back, but you may be different than me, in fact, I once read a book that said we were all different.

Now you would think reloading would become much faster when all you have to do is swap out a mag, rather than feed a tube like traditional shotguns chambered in .410 but I found that you have to come in pretty close to the feed lips to get that last round into the magazine. Over time once I became used to the issue became a non-issue as I knew what to do, but the first time around, not so much.

Feeding from a full magazine was a bit of an issue as well, as I found the first round would get caught up on the following round almost every time I put in a new mag. While running it with only four rounds in the mag saw slightly better results.

I did try other ammo in this rifle, but for most of the testing I used the ATI ammo provided by the company, and if you are interested in the accuracy of these rounds Check out this article here (NOT CLICK BAIT I SWEAR!!).

Overall, I can not say I fell in love with this shotgun, but I can say, we can be friends…


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