Bullets & Burgers & Laughs – aka Awkward Touching

Photo via Vickers Tactical
Thanks to Faxon Firearms, at SHOT Show 2016 we were able to attend the 2nd annual Bullets & Burgers event put on by Faxon at the Range 702. Always a great event, it seemed bigger than last year, and we saw all kinds of cool guns and gear, but also some of our favorite peeps.

It’s an invitation only chance for select media (and apparently buyers now) to chat with companies, sample their wares and have some fun, while enjoying some food (sliders) and hanging out.

The night starts out walking around and taking it all in, saying hello to a few folks and then we get to the fun stuff. Several ranges full of cool guns and gear. Hop in line and rock out with our … c … smiles on.

We rounded out the night talking to Jon from The Gun Collective and Ebbs from Haus of Guns. Two of our favorite folks. Check out the resulting retardation.

The participating companies this year were:

Always a good time and we had a chance to talk to most of the companies; those videos are on the way. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a couple of things about this year’s event. The Range 702 while an excellent place has small’ish ranges. It results in mind scrambling loudness especially when shooting guns like the Falkor Defense 300 WM. Honestly rattles the fillings. Next up. It was freaking packed. It made interviews, talking, even existing a bit difficult. We shot and filmed less than we wanted to purely because it was so crowded and so loud.

To end on a positive note, it was a blast, and Faxon puts on a hell of a good time!