In A Galaxy Right Near You

In A Galaxy Right Near You

Hey, There Shooters!

NRA Annual Meeting is around the corner we can’t wait, can you?

Speaking of around the corner, Aaron spent the weekend at Jeremy’s house and now is suffering from the Zika virus. We know as responsible journalist that when we write “speaking of” it should have something to do with what we were talking about, however also being who we are, we just lack the ability to care. But speaking of caring, did you know that the mass of the moon is equal to the mass of the Death Star. Really? We have no idea, but do you think it matters, I mean it is not like we could really build one, a Death Star, not a moon. And now that you mention it, shouldn’t it had been called a Death Moon, if it is closer in scale to that rather than a sun? Or even Death Planet, because that was really its function. Anyhow I stray from where this whole story started off at.  If you suffer from a weak urine stream we have the perfect solution. Check out the WLS shootout challenge. No one will make fun of your low pressure, close proximity pee  when you are dropping zeros into the 10 ring. Show us you can do it it by purchasing or downloading a target and then shooting it. You can challenge your skinny perfect friends, and prove to them that the wet spot on your pants is from your joy and not your “problem”.



WAIT, THERE’S MORE! If you buy the WLS Shootout patch you can wear your target, but only after you shoot it. Check it out here.


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WLS Double Tap 140 – Walking Tacos

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Swampfox Optics Kingslayer 1,000 round update

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Gripzone? Springfield Armory Hellcat Review

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