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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 342! your hosts tonight are Jeremy Pozderac, Aaron Krieger, Nick Lynch, and me Shawn Herrin, welcome to the show!


Josh R: When building a rifle to put a suppressor on, is pin and weld strong enough to hold the muzzle device on for qd suppressor mounts compared to rocksett, also are flow through cans much more advantageous compared to non flow through


Jassnibbler:  Looking at the bitty. But should i get a 5.56 can for both. Will get a 30 cal later for fal and bolt guns. Ill need a weird thread for ak right? Anyways. For now. Just want a smallish can for a savage bolt 22. What yall think? Thx


TJ K: What’s y’all’s opinions on porting vs comps? Also side note found you guys in October and according to Spotify I listened to a total of 382 hours of WLS since October.


Hugh Jass: Hello Bitches,


Hugh Jass here listening from beautiful Comyformia!


Long time listener, product supporter and still waiting for my T-shirt for when I signed up for Second Call Defense 8 years ago.


Love the show, look forward to it every week! Started around episode 5… might of been 6 but who’s counting, we are all getting old AF!


You complain about not having enough to do so here’s a project.


I’m looking for a 6.5 Creedmoore to build or buy and I need your help. Could each of the cast members build me 6.5 CM using the following parameters? Need to conform to California Laws so bolt is more appealing however an AR10 might be bad ass. What say you?


Bolt or Semi Auto or Lever (love me some lever)

California Law

Use case: 80% Hunting / 20% Long Range

Budget: $1500 to $2000

Capable of reloading

Sexy and willing to blow a load


What are your thoughts? Give it to me!


Bonus Round: What optic to 600 Yds?


Love you long time!


Hugh Jass


Mitch C: Just noticed that Jeremy has a name like Brett Favre. When Shawn says Jeremy’s last name I hear “Pozederac” but noticed on the intro screen that the “D” comes before “E” similar to how everyone says Brett’s last name with the “R” before the “V”. Now set the ’tism aside, here is my real question:

How much do all the cast members care about an “end of the world” gun? I have several Glocks and other handguns from reputable manufactures but I have built all my ARs and have been thinking if I need to get an AR from a manufacturer for when SHTF. I hear you guys talk about Cobalt Kinetics and Mitchell Defense and is the price tag of one of their ARs worth it over a PSA or even a Smith and Wesson? Hope this makes sense. Thank you.


David V: Hey guys, love the show.. also

Voted for you on the gundees.. question I have is I’m looking at attending a gunsmithing college program but there doesn’t seem to be any scholarships related to the firearms industry.. even the NRA has limited scholarships and super restricted to kids and women.. what gives? How come we as an industry cant try and pull people into the sport by promoting additional opportunities through college or certifications?


JB: Greetings gentlemen,

It’s easy to pile on Aaron until you learn what a challenging year he’s had.

But F’ Aaron! I just bought a 5.7 PSA Rock, mostly because he won’t shut up about the 5.7. I wanted to prove to myself it’s a dumb ass round.

But dammit, it’s just silly fun to shoot and It’s way more reliable than my KelTec PMR30. I like the idea of 20+ rounds with a gun that’s easy to handle and with minimum recoil to manage. I can think of worse things to reach for in the center console “for things and stuff.”

So, Aaron, thank you, even if a broken clock is right twice a day.

I’ve bought a number of cheap ass guns lately; all new, commonly available, and generally under $350-$400. The dollar to smile ratio has been excellent.

What guns have you all tried or want to try with the criteria I listed above, that you might recommend?

Thanks for all the laughs!



Rhino W: What’s your favorite double stamper gun?


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