WLS Double Tap 339 – IDC

Welcome to Double Tap, episode 338! In Episode 338 the team contemplates home defense in NY, the tale of the “the machinegun Moses.” finicky AR-10s and steel case ammo. The mysterious background “Hey!” voice. Rusty O probes Jeremy’s equine preferences, Average Joe ponders magnifiers on prism sights and Glock’s demise declared, ushering in a new era with insights. 



So Neat: 

Jeremy mentioned before that your really only need two or three caliber silencers and not a specific one for every caliber you are shooting. I don’t remember what he said specifically though or the episode he said it in. I was hoping for a reminder.


Devin G: 

re:episode 525. Hey guys! (appropriate goofy hick voice)

I’m a bit behind, but I just listened to 525 with RMA. It would be suspicious to me if this was the only time the NIJ had screwed somebody. I wonder if there have been any other companies who have just rolled over and died because they got a “failure”. Maybe it would have become known, or maybe companies with less balls wouldn’t want to rock the boat or have the wherewithal to do anything but accept the decision.


I realize that up until recently, NIJ had a lot of respect, but it’s hard for me to retroactively trust somebody once they prove to be shitbags.


Love the show, except for the episodes with that one guy.


Not A Tactical Timmy: 

On AR-15 built and used for deer hunting, what is your opinion on 45 degree offset sights for close in shots? We all know Jerombay can shoot iron sights at 1,000 yards, but I prefer a magnified optic myself. I wonder the utility of the use of the offset sights though for close and fast shots. Ultimately I guess a good LPVO would be a better option, but canting the rifle 45 degrees seems quicker to me than trying to flip a throw lever around on a scope. I’m no tactical Timmy however and I have zero experience with the 45 degree offset. Curious (bi-curious?) on your thoughts


Matthew F: 

What do you think is the best retention level for a owb duty belly type setup?


For Jeremy: situation is you are a civilian, use it as a range belt for training, take a few classes, occasional shooting match, shit hit the fan you grab this belt. Full size pistol with light and optic.


Alex W: 

Hi y’all. I keep seeing ads on Instagram for this Aimaculate buffer tube folding adapter. It looks pretty much like a ripoff of the law folder to me. But it is a little cheaper. Have any of you messed with this? If so, how does it stack up against the law folder? Link below.




Question Summary: Historic interest in half-length tubular magazines?

This is not a “Short Stroke vs. Long Stroke Piston” question so Jeremy might be well qualified to answer.

Three of the early-1900’s manufactured Winchester 1892s I acquired from differing sources have a factory half-length tube magazine ending flush with the forend.

Since these firearms pre-date any magazine restrictions, is there a logical reason customers back in the day would have chosen these over the typical full-length magazines?

It seems like a rather odd choice to sacrifice the extra capacity.

Thank you in advance for your valued and esteemed insight.





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