WLS Double Tap 332 – 58008

Welcome to Double Tap Episode 332: tonight includes conversations on the DISSIDENT Mk2 from Munitionworks, the best-concealed carry leggings, Griffin Armament introducing LPVO and Red Dot Sight, and the Drum-Fed Jackhammer, an atypical .22 LR firearm.



Paul S:

The perfect lever gun. This might be a question more specifically driven towards Jeramy, but this is me shopping for what is the idea of the perfect lever gun. I know the first and most important question is use case….this would be a grab and go whitetail gun for inside 125 yards. Like a back up option to my simple savage 110 scout bolt 450 BM with a red dot. I lust for the Henry brand. I just dig their stuff. My only issue is that I’m trying to find the balance between a classic timeless look like their brass framed and walnut rifles like the big boy brass or even the big boy all weather rifle in 44 mag, but from football injuries in the past, the wrist angle of the straight grip is just not comfy to shoot for me. I’d like for this to be fun plinking toy when not used for deer hunting too. It’s not that I’m dead set on the Henry brand it’s just they seem to be the best to me out of the box. The Big Boy X in 44 mag seems to be my only option across any brand of Henry, Marlin, Rossi, Winchester that has any kind of option with a curved grip in 44 mag. Have you heard of any modifications or other brands that combine that brass and walnut look with a curved grip like the X that I’ve missed? Is there such a thing as the best of both worlds? Am I riding too hard on the timeless brass look and should I focus more on the practicality of the tool? With eyes not getting any better and potentially throwing a red dot on the gun in a decade, would it look stupid having a red dot on the brass framed rifle anyway so it’s smarter to buy the X? Or do I just need to not do 44 mag and stick to a caliber like the new 360 or 45-70 but handloaded powered down?

Lots of little questions and I’m probably over thinking it.

Deer hunting in Iowa, straight wall cartridges allowed here.

Awesome show keep up the good work.


Jeff K:

 I am considering building a 300 Blackout to shoot subsonic suppressed. I’m also considering building a 350 Legend to be able to use for hunting in my straight wall state. Then it occurred to me why not shoot subs and non-subs out of a 350 Legend and skip the 300 Blackout?

There is plenty of non-subsonic 350 legend ammo, and there are some 250gr subsonic rounds available too.

Question, any advantages/disadvantages to using the 350 Legend for subsonic suppressed, especially compared to 300 Blackout?

What suppressor would you recommend for both subsonic and non-subsonic 350 legend?

Bonus points- any suppressors that work easily with both 1/2-20 thread and Sig MPX 13.5-1LH threads?


Long Stroke Short Piston: 

Conventional wisdom states that it is pretty gay for a man to penatrate another man. I would also argue that it is not gay for a man to perforate another man. This got me thinking about my self-defense ammo, which are hollowpoints that tend to penetrate the body and dump all their energy by expanding instead of perforating through the body. Do you think I should switch to FMJ rounds for my self-defense handgun to increase the chance of perforation and avoid accidently being mega gay during a self-defense shooting? But then what if a female attacks me, would it be super hetero to use hollowpoints? I thought about shouting NO HOMO during a self-defense shooting, but that feels like a cope. Thank you.


Steven Crowder:

5.7 is better than 9mm change my mind.


Go Go Autofelatio:

 I’m thinking about buying some armor plates but I wanted your opinion on SAPI vs swimmers cut. Which do you prefer and why? I also wanted to ask if Jeremy had seen the popular amusement park game called the “Dog Pounder”? It’s a game where you pound a button to put balls in a dogs mouth and the most balls wins. The game looks pretty consensual so I have my doubts.


Chris L:

 I’d like to permanently attach a direct thread suppressor to my 11.5″ AR to make a single stamp gun. Is silver solder acceptable and what if the can has a removable rear thread adapter, would that need to be permanently attached also? Thanks in advance.


Josh R: 

alittle bit of a multi part question

  1. is going through the hassle and paperwork of getting an suppressor or turning something into an sbr such as as cz scorpion or sig mcx bought as a pistol worth it?
  2. what is the process of buying a suppressor as I have no idea where to begin
  3. what is the process of turning something into a sbr like in the above scenario


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