WLS Double Tap 331 – Horny Day

Welcome to Double Tap Episode 331: Unpacking Pronunciations, Lever Gun Choices, and Antique Suppressors



Jared N: 


Shawn why do you hate embargo dates and everyone posting at once? Whats the solution to that? I get all these people post at once irks you but why? I was discussing this with a friend whos in marketing is in the same dilemma and mention this frustration in your industry and wanted your opinion and just to elaborate more on it.


Aaron’s Limited vocabulary: 

What is the correct pronunciation of the name hornady? In my mind it’s pronounced like the words candy, lady, or shady, but I hear people on Podcasts pronounce it Horna-day. Am I wrong or are all of these people just not actually reading the word?


Chris W: Hey guys what do you know about rossi lever actions? I want a .44 mag lever gun but I’m a poor and dont have Henry money. So for half the cost rossi seems like a good alternative, what do you think?


Christopher L: 

Bonjourno. I think I am the source of the phrase Shawn mentioned “The body won’t go where the mind has never been” as that is something I say often in exactly those words. I was at your first civilian medical podcast training class you did with Dad-Bod-Medic in 2020. I came with my then fiancé, now ex-wife. That bitch decided to pack her wound with another man’s quick-clot. Anyway, when you guys wipe, do you reach around to the side? Or do you reach between your legs? And how far do you push the wipe into your sphincter? I’m not gay, but another phrase I use regularly is “you gotta polish the pucker”. Cheers.


Rob C: 

This is a question for all the FFLs/gun lawyers on the show.

Lets pretend that I know someone who has an original Maxim Silencer. One that has the original tubular packaging from when Hiram Maxim started his company in the 1908-1912 time frame. Hypothetically speaking this an imaginary 22 caliber suppressor that is not serialized.

The imaginary owner of this silencer is a 96yr old WWII veteran (born in 1927), so conceivably his father could have bought it from a catalog and had it mailed to his door back before the NFA in 1934 and the now 96yr old inherited it, and has had it since that time.

Is there any way to legally circulate (buy/sell/trade) this suppressor without having to have it serialized and destroy the original value? Is there any “antique Firearm” laws that could allow that?

Thanks for what you do.


Shane H:

 What’s the point of the ‘No Law Letter’ machine guns? If you already have 07/02 license why not just build it yourself and save a lot of money?


Bryan R:

What 5.56 ammo do you stock up on for defensive use? I have the faxon gunner barrel which has a 1/8 twist, so it can stabilize heavier and medium grain bullets. The IMI 62gr and 77gr rounds caught my attention, but I wanted the opinions of my favorite podcasters and Aaron. Thanks


Alex W: 

Does anyone know why Sig magazines are so damn expensive? The mag shack has the best price I could find for x macro mags and I still paid $50 each for them.


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