WLS Double Tap 320 – Huffing Tritium

Join us tonight as we answer your questions, and talk about the BRN-180 in new lengths, affordable bipods, and cheap but reliable pistol options on episode 320 of We Like Shooting Double Tap.


Our CAST is Nick Lynch, Jon Patton and my name is Shawn Herrin


Steven Z: 

I have an Ar .223. With an 18” 1:8 barrel , with a vortex 1-6 strike Eagle optic…yep I’m bragging….. now my question. Can I build a sbr suppressed upper for this lower , with all paperwork of course, and be able to swap back and forth like Aaron’s sexually, or should I build a completely separate lower? I’m not sure if I can legally do this… thanks


Jon S: 

What are the cheapest pistols, that are also reliable, that you would buy to give to family in a theoretical shtf scenario? Keep in mind additional magazines and holsters and assume prices at dealer cost.



Hey fam,

What’s the best way to edc carry a fixed blade knife? My edc out the front broke again and have been seriously debating a fixed blade after the Jerry Miculek of knives came on the show a while back. What would be the ideal size/characteristics if ya ll were to pick a fixed blade knife?

Thanks for all you do!


Alex W: 

Hi. I’ve heard the debate between bullpup vs standard rifles ad nauseum. What I’m curious about now is subguns. Specifically between standard (mp5, cz scorpion, ar9, etc) and those with the mag in the grip (uzi, mac-10/11, mp7, etc). If you’re firing a round that can fit comfortably inside a pistol grip, is there a good reason to go with the mag up front? It seems like it would just make the weapon unnecessarily long. Is it just to keep the manual of arms similar? I’ve heard the argument that reloading a subgun in the grip is easier in the dark and what not due to the “hand finds hand” mechanics of the reload. That plus the smaller size seem like good arguments for that configuration. But maybe I’m missing something about the mag forward format.


Aiden S:

Dear WLS

Do any of you clap when planes land or when movies at a theater finish? Take a guess at who on the cast would before answering. Also what do you think of these people?


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