WLS Double Tap 315 – Grown Thugz in Harmony

Join us tonight as we answer your questions, and discuss Aaron’s issues with stupid people, guns with incredible values, arborists, and more on WLS Double Tap Episode 315


Our CAST is MG Moses, Nick Lynch, Shawn Herrin. 


Alex W: 

Hi. I always hear that modified parts and artwork like punisher skulls, slogans, etc. would be used against you in court in the case of a defensive shooting to say that you were looking for a fight. Do y’all know of any historical examples of that actually happening? If so, how did it affect the outcome of the case? Also, I’m curious if you have a preferred bullet weight for your 9mm carry ammo? If so, what weight, and why?


David V: 

Nor gun related but, my peach tree branches split due to the weigh of yhe fruit, i read somewhere that you can put a bolt through the branches to secure it back together.. is this legit?


Milton G: 

Thanks to the CT assault weapon ban version 2 a bunch of company are no longer shipping anything at all not even barrels to our state. We already had a few like PSA when the CT other was an option that wouldn’t but now primary arms, one of the FRN sponsors will not send anything.




Ben Dover: 

Shut up Aaron. Toilet paper rolls work fine for smoke bombs as long as you duck tape the outside. Aaron should put blackpowder into a metal tube and close it off with a fuse then light it but here is the cool part don’t throw it Aaron. Then come back to us and let us know what happened. Haha.


Ted C: 

Did you guys ever have (or consider) Joe Rhea as a guest on the show (“Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea” on youtube). That guy is a riot and would seem to be a good fit on your show. just a thought. thanks for the entertainment/info.


Joshua H: 

Not really a question but I agree with Shawn and with Jeremy. Killing animals is very fun and yes jermey i also grew up in the country in ky in the middle of nowhere. So much so there was some years if you didn’t poach you didn’t eat. But still everything I kill I have a split second where I feel like shit about it. Unless it’s something fucking up our chickens or cattle then I don’t feel bad at all. But still it’s fun. Currently trying to kill some coyotes at our airport. 300bo with an omega 300 is perfect no one hears the gun shots which is very important because we are the 5th busiest the airport in ky with a small military attachment sharing the runway. Also I did shoot my brother with a 38 special and I didn’t feel bad about that so maybe it’s just for animals not humans that makes me feel bad idk.


Kevin W: 

I have a Blue Waffle Battle Belt Light that I’m setting up and looking into magazine carries. I’m wondering what you guys have set up on yours? I’m planning on running 2-3 pistol mags and a rifle mag. Currently looking at Cascadia Concealment double pistol mag carrier or the Black Rhino triple carrier. Also what is your experience with Tek-Lok belt attachment? Thanks a lot guys.




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