WLS Double Tap 313 – Marinara

Join us tonight as we answer your questions, discuss Fishing, Triggers and more on WLS Double Tap Episode 313


Our CAST is MG Moses, Nick Lynch, Shawn Herrin and special guest Matt Larosiere


Alex W: 

Hi y’all. (fuck off Aaron. Just because I grew up saying y’all doesn’t mean I talk like I’m from backwoods cousin-bum-fuckistan) Anyway, is there still a use case for glock 19 sized pistols when there are guns like the p365xl and x-macro out there that can match or exceed the g19’s capacity while being slimmer and easier to carry?

I’ve been comparing the p365xl and the x-macro. I absolutely love the x-macro grip but the price is hard to swallow. A local store has a 365xl with a red dot already on it for around the same price as the x-macro with no optic. Looking on sig’s website, it looks like I can buy the x-macro grip frame for $79 and it will fit on a 365xl. But then, I won’t have the comp that the x-macro has. Do you think I’ll miss the comp that much? Should I buy once, cry once, or do you think an xl with the x-macro grip would be a good gun?


Ryan H: 

Black rhino concealment…… you’ll get an approved eform 4 faster than a holster.



It troubles me when I hear Savage and the group comment about how this or that gun law “makes no sense” or is “counterproductive.” If you acknowledge that creeping communism is at our doorsteps, as I believe you have all done, you already understand we are dealing with people that don’t care if they “make sense” or not. Being called an inconsistent hypocrite is of no moment to them. “By any means necessary” is their prime directive. Please stop engaging in the farce that our commie politicians give one putrid fuck about being rational or fair.


Josh R: 

2 questions; 1 im looking for a shot timer to run some drills, what is a good shot timer and how much? also i remember shawn mentioning he us liberty civil defense in his home defense rifle, what is yalls opinions on that ammo, from the test ive seen people run the round basically explodes after about 4 inches, is that enough penetration to be effective? if not what self defense ammo do you like for both home defense/CCW pistols and rifles (preferably 5.56)


Scott G: 

Ok the 3 requirements for being an advertiser for WLS Good people Good products Good companiy . Let’s talk about the montego 9 … it’s a blow back 9 …. Cmmg radial delayed, Stribog delayed. Matidore must be incredible people and an incredible company because……. It’s a blowback 9.


Jason S: 

so I have a 14.5 6.5 grendel. I was thinking about pin and welding a 4″ 24 port flash hider on it and putting a 15″ fully enclosed tubular handguard on it. I’m guessing about a inch of the flash hider will stick out from handguard. I would like your thoughts on how it will effect the sound.


Rusty S: 

I shoot at least once a week and during the winter months, I spend a lot of my range time during those months at an indoor range. I recently got my lead levels checked and my lead levels are abnormally high.

I’m the person who will always preload the mags with gloves before range time. I will also wash my hands with the de-lead soap every time I clean my guns or when I leave the range with de-lead wipes.

I think it’s coming down to me breathing in the lead air contaminations while shooting at an indoor range. Do you guys have any recommendations for a protective mask to wear at a range to stop the lead particulates while being able to shoot a rifle or shotgun? Have you guys ever gotten your lead levels checked?




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