WLS Double Tap 309 – PSOP

Join us tonight as we answer your questions and discuss 4 ft-long barrels, Jeremy’s dream toilet, and more on WLS Double Tap Episode 309


Our CAST is MG Moses, Nick Lynch, Shawn Herrin and special guest Matt Larosiere


Alex W: 

What’s the best route to go for a n 80% glock (or other pistol) these days? And how well do they tend to accept aftermarket parts?


Duke of Crude

Oklahoma has no basements and I have a basement question.

Is painting the inside of my underground concrete tornado shelter with flex seal a legit moisture barrier or will it fuck up my concrete? I’m trying to dampen the echo inside since it’s a concrete box buried out in the yard, as well as fix a couple of leaks around the metal door where some heavy rains leaked through some cracks.

Thought flex seal might be a good option and not attract bugs, but I have no idea how basements work and all the YouTube videos I saw about the subject were don’t by meth heads.

Thanks for your help!


Mike E

Hey I was wandering if y’all have any knowledge of the PSE Jakl in .556? I am interested in the 13.7 inch. I am planning on getting an upper and pairing it with an aero M4E1 lower in ODG. I am hearing that it shoots really flat. I do not know anything about the long stroke piston system. Have any of y’all shot it. What do y’all think?




 Not jealous just curious! How the fuck is Aaron able to afford an 60k to 80k A6 when dudes so dysfunctional? Any how why hasnt the industry come out with a double finger digitial trigger (already have digitriger)? Paintball has had it around for years. Look at high end (dye percision) paintball guns and they can shoot off rounds at a impressive rate.


Josh R:

 i have a cheap shitty turkish semiauto shotgun that doesnt run properly, usually failure to cycle or failure to eject, any suggestion on how to make it run properly?, i literally dont give a single fuck if i absolutely destroy it because its a turkish piece of shit, so im willing to try anything, i thought about drilling out the gas port on it just to make it overgassed as fuck to increase reliability, give me both good and bad suggestions


John Doe:

Dear Lord of hated, Montana Man, Ye local armed Jew (same) , and holder of the holy SSB.

What are your thoughts on civilian legal distraction devices? There’s a variety out there, from electronic ones to near mil-spec versions from IWA International. During my very limited time working armed security, we used Flash cans from a company called “Tactical Shit” somewhat often. The devices were essentially flash bang sized devices which take a 12 gauge mini blank. Indoors the smoke is just barley significant enough to make a difference, but against someone not wearing ANY ear pro, they’re going to be in quite a bit of pain. If you’ve never used these, check out Tactical Shits version, and IWI Internationals.


Jacob H:

A few days ago, I was standing on my toilet hanging a picture on the wall, when I slipped and fell and hit my head. When I woke, I had this idea…

Has there ever been or is there a tube magazine lever action with a dual tube similar to that one shotgun with the dual tubes? I do mean rifle caliber, not just 410 or some crap. Why would that not work if there has never been one? If this is a stupid question, blow me.


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