WLS Double Tap 306 – Profeshunull

Join us tonight as we answer your questions and talk about Thermal Optics, Woox and more on WLS Double Tap Episode 306


Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn herrin. 

Dear WLS 


Chris W: 

What plates and carriers do you guys run? I’m a big dude like Jeremy and i bought a testudo carrier and level 3+ steel plates from ar 500 and i want to replace everything. I know it was a stupid decision so let me have it


Jeremy S: 

Hey WLS crew. I Won a Proof research 308 remington 700 barrel in a game of chance while in the south. What actions and stocks would you recommend to mount it on. Not looking to break the bank but would like to build a decent rifle. Thanks and keep up the great show.


Isaac H:

Have you guys spray painted your rifles ?

If so any tips and tricks for a first timer ?


Joe J: 

Episode 504.

I feel like I should weigh in on your discussion about landlocked public land. I am a landowner in the same state as that legal case. According to state law you can’t deny anyone access to their property or public property even if they have to go through your property for access. You can also follow section lines as long as they have not been legaly vacated. They problem arises with hunters. Not all hunters are as thoughtful as you guys. Some drink and hunt, tare up private property with their trucks and utvs, shoot indiscriminately at anything that moves and block roadways with their vehicles for “the perfect shot”.

I know people that have had cows shot and chased through fences, and hunters that have parked in the middle of the road just over a hill causing wrecks that have sent people to the hospital. This is just to add perspective to the news article. Not all hunters are decent people. The article doesn’t say that they couldn’t access the property a different way, the private land owner sued because they crossed his property corner. To be fair, I don’t know how he thought he could win 7million in a lawsuit. I hope this helps. Keep up the respectable hunting practices.


Zac C:

I have a Remington 700 ADL(poor, I know), in 30-06 that I use for hunting. My problem is that the first shot I hit roughly 6 inches high and to the left, the second shot is about half that and then about the third shot the rifle is shooting good groups near where I zeroed it in at. I have tried a few things, like checking the scope screws and very things tight, also tried to sight in on a cold bore but it not consistent enough to zero in like that. Is there anything else I should check? I like this rifle because I handles well and is light weight, which is a plus when hunting deer here in WV. Again it a hunting rifle, and we don’t typically get shots over 200 yards here, but i can’t hunt with a rifle that has this big of a cold bore offset. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?


Dalton B: 

Hey guys! I had a question that Shawn either found interesting enough to be discussed on the show, or dumb enough that he wanted me publicly shamed. My dad and I (both of us have a CCW) are going on a family cruise in July. We live in South Carolina and will be driving down to Florida to stay a couple of days before boarding. I always prefer to carry on long road trips and was curious on what the best option may be for carrying on this trip. Since weapons can’t be taken on the ship, and it appears you’re not allowed to have weapons in the port where we will be parking the truck, I have been looking for options to store my gun while away. Is it common for gun shops to accept the gun and transfer it back when we return (for a fee of course)? Or are there better options out there? I’m sure Shawn will probably suggest buying a Hi-Point for the trip and just tossing it in a dumpster. Thanks in advance for any input!


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