WLS Double Tap 302 – Canti Lover


Welcome to Double Tap, episode 302

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn herrin. 

Dear WLS 


Alex W:

What is your preferred belt for open carry? I’m not looking to set up a battle belt. Just want a regular belt I can hang an open carry holster on.


Also from Alex W: 

Hey, are any of you familiar with the 510 Griz cartridge? According to an article I just read, Tom Bowers was involved in its development. I guess it’s similar to a 50 Beowulf but uses a .510 diameter bullet instead of a .499. Guess that would make it easier for hand loaders to source bullets. The article made it sound like the idea was to be able to fire a 400-500 grain subsonic bullet through a vers-50 suppressor on an AR-15. I guess it also has a 308-length big brother that can run 650 grain 50 bmg bullets out of an AR-10. But, the article didn’t talk much about that one. YEET



I don’t spend time on social media or listen to mainstream news. I was subjected to some mainstream news while visiting family on vacation. The amount of bs in the media about mass shootings and guns is astonishing. Is there anything being done by the firearms community to combat the misinformation? Within my direct community, I try to provide a solid voice of reason where I can but it feels like a losing battle.


Will D: 

​​Looking to take a class (firearms, survival, navigation, anything interesting really) or a hunting trip this year with my vacation time. have about 4 weeks saved up. Any recommendations?


Joshua H: 

On double tap 297 Aaron said hey if you have 100 friends you can put in 10 dollars each. Like he has 100 friends. I’m not an angry person but wtf man Aaron makes me wanna walk into an airplane propeller ( I work at an airport and listed while I work) but bc of Aaron’s annoying ass I had to only listen when I’m not around anything that I could use to hurt myself. I love the podcast except for Aaron’s logic. I swear if you could see inside his head you would either see nothing but empty space or it would be a bunch of retarded ass monkeys masterbaiting and sticking their fingers in each other’s asses then sniffing it. I know you catch alot of hate aaron but most of the time you bring it on yourself. The delayed roller blow back, the insulin buying club lol, the idea that cmmg is taking advantage of ppl by offering a solution to the atf pistol brace rule. You know what I’m walking into this propeller I can’t do it anymore.


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