WLS Double 295 – Tap High Cotton


Welcome to Double Tap, episode 295 now to be 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn herrin. 

Dear WLS 


Aiden S: 

Why are Rugers MSRPs so way off from retail prices? I get MSRP is usually 100-200 off but Ruger’s is considerably off in that 300-400 range. An AR-556 which commonly sells in the 600 range is MSRPed for 1020. No other gun company of this scale is that far off. Why is this?

They’ve also raised their MSRP compared to other companies over the last 5 years I have noticed. Now they are still selling within reason of inflation and such but their suggested prices are just way off.


Vince H: 

Good evening Yukon Cornelius, Abominable Snow Man, and others.

I have been doing run and gun competitions for a couple of years now and am looking to get a better pistol for this particular sport. After having used both double action pistols and a 1911 I’ve come to the conclusion that a double stack with a single action trigger in the 28-32oz range is the best of all worlds. Am I wrong for seriously considering the Girsan hi power clone, either the match or the ops (the match and ops versions delete the mag safety)? I’ve held one and it fits my hand very well and fits the other criteria. The mags are also decently cheap.

I’s appreciates alls yous guys doos, except for that one guy, fuck that one guy.



Alex W: 

Hey y’all. If you had been alive during the Civil War, I’m curious which side each of you would find yourself on. I imagine Aaron would side with the union as I imagine slavery would be the biggest issue to him (ya know, sjw and all. Lol). I think Jeremy would probably side with the Confederacy because of the state’s rights issues and i don’t see the existence of slavery keeping him up at night. I believe Ohio was a border state in the war so I could picture Jeremy being a bushwacker or something. Not sure about where Shawn and Nick would come down. I think Colorado and Montana were both just territories at the time and didn’t really get involved. Guess Nick would have spent the war in an outhouse somewhere and Shawn would be goofing off on the 1860’s equivalent of a longboard.


Brandon W: 

Before any questions…please for the love of God help Jeremy with his delay. Nick’s connection was never that bad even with his BFE internet. The question is….I purchased a PSA dagger compact with the doctor cut slide. I’m struggling to figure out what red dot can be mounted on this pistol. Swampfox says they have none that are for that cut. I’ve seen vortex venom and viper may fit but cannot find any definitive information on which red dots can mount to the doctor cut dagger. I do want to co-witness as the slide already has sights to accommodate this. Help us all out and give us an explanation on the slide cut footprints to help everyone better understand.


J Nasty: 

What do you think is the best camo pattern for north central FL?


Nate A: 

What are a few items you were at one time planning to buy, but didn’t and you are now glad you didn’t buy? Mine are foam inserts to custom cut for hard rifle cases, and any type of pistol caliber carbine.


Combat Soup: 

Hey Guys,

I put together the same m&p metal + kraken combo as discussed on previous episodes. Its sweet, shoots great but I am having a challenging time finding a retention holster that can work around the kraken. Trying to get this to work with my battle belt. Any idea if the safariland als would work if I removed the dot hood?

Thanks keep up the good work


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