WLS Double Tap 292 – Collapsible Bowels


Welcome to Double Tap, episode 292 now to be 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn herrin. 

Dear WLS 


Paul S: 

How important is it to the cast on ambidextrous abilities with your AR set ups? Been looking at building a DMR set up for coyote hunting/longish range fun, and looking at random parts for the lower and I see there is a lot of options out there for ambidextrous set ups between BAD levers, ambi mag releases, PDQ ambi bolt release (yes I know this part requires some milling for the receiver), ambi safety selectors, ambi charging handles, etc etc…. I’ve been in the AR world for over a decade and noticed there’s a vast difference in selection for set ups since I first build my AR. I’m just curious on how important/needed is it to you guys? Does it make more sense for say a fighting rifle vs. a hunting gun? Are all ARs fighting rifles? Just like cheese…are all rifles mission specific only? Do you go ambidextrous for all parts or just a select couple? Or none? Thanks for answering and I’m sure this question could be a half hour long discussion by itself.


Tony D: 

Following Shawn’s example, I’m looking to get back out into nature this year. I’m planning to do a lot more hiking and camping and I’d like to take my dog with me. I have a first aid/trauma kit for myself but is there anything I should add specifically for him? Should I make a separate dog-specific med kit? If so what should I include? l


Aiden S: 

Can we get the cast a box of 9 mm in a box of 223 each month? I feel like Aaron doesn’t shoot enough anymore and I went back and listen to a few random episodes and he seem to have better gun knowledge in older episodes when he was flush. I really like Aaron and want to continue to grow and talking about shooting .


Mark G: 

As a late Christmas present to myself I’ve just purched a cobalt kinetics CK-SPR series 18″ .223 Wylde because well I wanted it…anywho I was curious what would you do with this rifle as far as adding optics, muzzle break,or suppressors etc…thanks in advance and keep up the good fight


Tim D: Hello. This question is for Jeremy and nick. Sorry if it’s a little long. About two years ago I ordered a barrel from a very reputable company and when I received it the gas port was not drilled.

I emailed them and they promptly sent a replacement. But did not ask for the barrel back. I offered to send it back but they did not respond.

So I have this barrel I want to drill the gas port hole. I am not new to using a drill press and have a good one. I also know the size hole I want to drill so I can obtain the correct bit.

My question. Is there anything hard or odd about doing this. Do I need anything special or need to do anything special. After drilling do I need to coat the surface in something to prevent the elements from causing early wear. Or is it pretty straight forward.



Eric J: 

Hey guys. I recently picked up a Mini 50 chassis kit from Manticore Arms and now I need recommendations on a good threaded bull barrel for a 10/22. The barrel doesn’t have to be high end or anything since this gun will just be meant to look cool and be a fun range toy. What would you recommend to help get a mini Barrett look? Also, I’ll need a scope that looks like the Barrett’s as well. Thanks.


Brent B: 

Hey all, I’m in the middle of upgrading my nearly 20 year old Remington 870 express super magnum into a bit more of a tactical shotgun and could use some advice and ideas. It’s a 3 1/2” chamber 22” barrel with interchangeable chokes and has served me well for 18 years. So far everything I’ve added to it has been super simple and easy with no modification required…. however, I just got a +2 magazine tube extension from Wilson Combat so I could also easily mount a rail, sling and light, everything fit perfectly except for my magazine follower. My factory mag tube is grooved on two sides and because of this when I load more than the standard 4 shell capacity the follower binds up when it hits the grooves since it’s not lining up. Is there any specific magazine follower out there that y’all know of I could get to fix this issue? If not, what do you suggest as far as modifying my current follower that came with the tube extension?? (The one that came with the tube had no grooves at all and I had to file it down myself) I’m not familiar with newer 870s and from what I’ve heard about them I don’t want to be, I absolutely love this shotgun and would like to avoid any permanent modifications to the factory magazine tube if at all possible. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks. Love the show and keep it up.


Jason P: 

Looking for a decent welder for muzzle devices. I am a brand new FFL. i am looking for something budget friendly. I will be working out of my home’s basement, basic residential electrical service.



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