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Welcome to Double Tap, episode 289 now to be 

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn herrin.u 

Dear WLSthere you 


Josiah G: 

I live on the road so I got a recover tactical brace and I’m gonna turn my Glock 17 into a backpack gun. My question is I’m looking for a good bag that I could use for everyday carry. this is going in and out of a vehicle almost every day. I’m guessing I want something that’s a little bit more durable than what I’d find at Walmart. Any recommendations?


Jake D: 

I know you guys have mentioned it, couldn’t find the episode though. What’s the name of Jeremy’s outside the waistband holster from black rhino for his CZ SP-01? Have seen pictures and would be very interested in getting one. As always WLS for life thanks for what you guys do. #everygunlawisunconstitional


Andrew C: 

Hey guys I’ve got one for you. I recently put together a “Glock-ish” 19 using a PSA Dagger frame that I put an Overwatch Precision PolyDat Drop in trigger kit. The slide is a swampfox wolverine with a faxon barrel and an L2D Combat parts kit. Went to shoot it and it fires upon pulling the trigger AND when it should be resetting… basically a binary trigger. Though this was a happy surprise and put a smile on my face dumping 30-round mags through it, I would like it to function correctly. Any ideas what it could be? Faulty trigger, connector, parts, etc? OP said they would swap a new one for me, but I have a feeling the trigger isn’t the cause of the problem but I am not sure what else to look for. All parts were G19 gen 3 compatible.

Love the show and what you guys are doing!


Josh R: 

Are there any modern, semi (or full) auto, magazine fed carbines/rifles (or anything other than bolt actions or pistols) that are striker fired? I can’t think of a single one, even bullpups that would seem like the most likely candidate are still hammer fired with a long connecting rod, thanks for using google for me to get the answers because I like to hear you yell at each other


Joe J: 

Discuss body armor ratings versus muzzle velocity. Tactical Scorpion Gear has level 3+ plates eater to 3100fps, but what does lake city or a common ammo produce for velocity from a 10.5, 14.5, 16, and 20 inch barrel.


Andy D: 

I know that you all have talked about how bad it is flying with a firearms while traveling through an airport. I heard Shawn mention at one point that he actually shipped the firearm to his destination instead of dealing with all of the airport bullshit. Can you please elaborate a little more about this method of transporting firearms yourself? Like what shipping carrier do you use? Do you insure the package? What do you say when they ask what are you shipping? Is there any “special” information that has to be in the attention to line on the shipping label? What do you do about ammo you plan to carry?


John C: 


New to the AK world. I picked up a saiga 74 in 5.45 with 2k rounds for cheap. Should I shoot the ammo up and punt the gun? Or do you think domestic ammo manufacturers will be able to pick up the demand of 5.45? This is my only AK and mainly bought it because it was cheap and figured it’d be a fun range toy.

No Jeremy my dog (Jolene) is not for sale.



Dennis E: 

I need you guys to confirm or deny some Fuddlore of my coworkers. After hearing someone complain that the 30-06 wasn’t accurate enough for them, a Fudd I work with decided to hit him with some knowledge. His theory is that “30-06 factory loads are required to be degraded over time because of the age of the rifles it may be shot in. Since the cartridges were introduced in 1906, factory loads need to be safe for 100-plus-year-old rifles. The 30-06 is plenty accurate if you load your own rounds.” Although it’s not the craziest idea I’ve ever heard, it’s awfully fishy. I don’t disagree that hand loads are a better option, but the rest seems plausible at best. For Jeremy, our use case is accuracy considering Pennsylvania deer hunting below 300 yards.


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