WLS Double Tap 283 – Carnal itas


Welcome to Double Tap, episode 283

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.



Aiden S: 

Do you think gun owners have gotten better trained and more responsible with the gun community being more online these days? Im a mechanic and have interacted with a lot more younger guys getting into the field recently. A lot of these younger guys and even some older getting into the hobby come off more responsible and better trained than some of the older crowd ive interacted with. Possibly anecdotal which is why I ask. IS that because of all the free training available for the basics.


Bradley C: 

Hey guys….I use this term loosely with certain members…

Looking at the Sig XTen and want to but a few items on it.

1: I want a red dot and don’t want the Sig Romeo 2. Do you think a Swampfox Kustice 1×27 is stout enough for the absolute world crushing power of the 10 mm round?

2: Want to put a light on it as well. Thinking a Streamlight TLR 7. But my question on this one is: is there a purpose/advantage to running you WML beyond the muzzle? All the pics I have seen of the TLR 1, which I think would be a good choice also, have a half inch or so of light beyond the muzzle.

Could you all scream and yell at me, and each other over this?

Yes Jeremy, I get it, sometimes I make bad decisions because I’m dumb. A-Aron, just pick a side and stick to it.

Thanks for a great show…


Joshua H: 

I heard recently that you want to hold a medical class at rivers edge tactical and I was just wondering if you had any more info on that. When it is, how long it is and how much it is. I really want my wife and I to take one of your classes. The thing I worry about the most isn’t stopping the bad guy that’s the easy part. I worry about someone I love being hurt and they die bc I didn’t have the knowledge of how to treat them. I have had the combat life saver course but I have forgotten most if not all of it. And thank you for signing my wife’s boobs. I didn’t tell anyone just like you said. Our little secret.


Nate A: 

For pistol and rifle, respectively, what caliber would be your top pick to be widely used in gun manufacturing as well as ammo availability? Not necessarily to replace 9mm and .223, but just on that level of popularity.


Jason S: 

I have a unconverted (sportized) Russian saiga 7.62×39. I have put a tapco stock adapter on so it has a ar stock and pistol grip. I have also modified 3 30rd. mags to run in it. the only things I would like to change are the trigger and threading the barrel. Is it worth it to just convert it or leave it as is? Any recommendations on who would do a good conversion if I went that route.


Kaleb K:

Semi-Auto 308’s, aka Battle Rifles: actually useful or just niche? If useful, then for want use case? And does the AR-10 reign supreme, or is there another platform (scar, FAL, Hk/PTR, etc) that is better?


Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls



Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls





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