WLS Double Tap 282 – Click Clack


Welcome to Double Tap, episode 282

Our CAST is Jeremy Pozderac, MG Moses, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin.



John A: 

Getting gear together Incase the shtf. What kind of gas mask do you recommend to keep in a bugout back Incase of tear gas. Also would you make any modifications to an AR to accommodate making it easier to shoot with the gas mask on. Thank you bunch of degenerates for making such a great show.


Richard Cranium: 

I am looking to pick up a shotgun for home/self defense and really want practice with it regularly so I can run it well. What do you all prefer pump or semi auto and why? Also do you prefer ghost sights or a bead sight?



Tim F: 

This is for Jeremy a buddy and I are planning a white tail hunt in Ohio which management area would I likely have the most luck in? Also does your state have laws against the use of suppressors during hunting?


P.S. I know it’s a straight wall only state


  1. Erma Balzaiken: 

What are your thoughts on .30 Super Carry? Does it generate even the slightest tingle in your special no-no places?

5 Sores


Alex W: 

Zombie apocalypse in the year 1900. What’s your choice of weapons? Shawn, we already know you don’t know shit about historic weapons so just shut up.


Patrick B:

After cleaning some of my guns recently I realized rem oil and a brass wire brush are not the most effective way to clean. Have yall ever used Ultrasonic cleaners to clean gun parts? If so which ones are good and where can i buy one? I want to clean off carbon build on on ar parts and pcc parts as well as other gun parts. Id like it to be big enoigh to stick the muzzles in and clean off the tapers on the mounts(have sico asr on everthing) will the ultrasonic shake loose my muzzle devices? All mine are asr flash hiders(no rockset/loctite) and asr brakes with shims for timing. What materials should I deffinately steer away from putting In the tank when using one? And what chemicals/solutions are good. Can I put cerakoted parts in it as well or will it eat the cerakote off? I’m wanting something easy and simple as I am no chemist nor want to read 10 different chemical bottle directions for 3 hours each. Just wanna clean my gun parts easily. I know springs, optics, plastics, polymers and serial numbers are not good. Also I will want to clean baffles on 22 cans and some user serviceable cans. Love the show and keep up the good work! Let’s Go Brandon!


Joe S: 

Looking to get into 3 gun. I’ve done some ASI shooting and want to step it up. My question is about my gear. I have several rifles to choose from but I’m thinking of using my 10.5″ 5.56. Is this a long enough barrel length? Also, I have an 18″ Winchester SXP that I was thinking of using as well. Same question, is this barrel length ok? Would you recommend adding a mag tube extension? Any other gear recommendations would be appreciated. I’m definitely a beginner but I’d like to be somewhat set up. Love the show. Thanks.


Chris C: 

Dear WLS I recently saw the video where the store owner in Las Vegas stabbed that “I’m dead guy” a whole bunch of times. While I initially just got a good laugh out of it it’s made me rethink about how effective a good knife could be as a self-defense tool. There was also a recent stabbing at a mall where a guy got dropped with a single stab to the neck. The guy bled out almost immediately. I’ve always considered a knife more of a tool than a weapon, something you use to cut boxes, pry open things or just clean out your nails but after seeing how effective they can be in close quaters its made me wonder if I should be added one to my edc. I already carry a multitool but I mean a large folder or fixed blade. It’s a lot easier to conceal a knife then a firearm and they never run out of ammo. How does a knife factor in to your edc? Is a knife only worth carrying when you cannot carry a firearm? Is there ever a situation where you would use knife rather than a gun? Or is a multitool the biggest knife you would carry. Just thinking out loud.


Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls



Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls





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